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Tachograph management system

We developed a reliable solution that keeps the fleet compliant and effectively manages drivers’ workloads.

Tachograph management system

    Client and challenge

    Our client provides innovative and effective solutions to backbone the players in the transportation and logistics market. They understand that to successfully run a transportation business, optimizing fleet operations is a top priority. Since the installation of tachographs on trucks to prevent driver fatigue and promote road safety became mandatory, a question of developing the specialized software to aggregate and analyze tachograph data arose. Moreover, our client realized that through careful and strategic analysis of the fleet’s tachograph data, they can positively manage and influence driver behavior. Therefore, the client was seeking to expand their portfolio with such a solution. After the evaluation of in-house resources, they complemented their team with our developers, who were selected among all the challengers.


    Our developers created tachograph management software comprising both a web and a desktop application. In combination, they allow fast and reliable management of tachograph data.

    The solution that our engineers developed supports its users with the following tasks:

    • Streamline compliance to stay ahead of tachograph regulations. Besides, the stress associated with inspections is reduced.
    • Remotely manage driver infringements. The solution enables transport operators to instantly manage violations so that drivers can acknowledge and sign off on violations distantly.
    • Increase fleet efficiency. The solution captures information relating to each driver’s service, driving and rest times, as well as their covered distance. This helps transport planners create realistic driver schedules and optimize driver productivity.
    • Get quick access to the tachograph data in one place. Workflows related to data downloads and transfer are simplified.

    Core features overview

    tachograph software

    Web application

    • Stores, tracks and analyzes the driver’s activity data.
    • Collecting statistics about the vehicles.
    • Manages drivers’ information.

    Desktop application

    • Loads data about the driver’s activity from a driver’s card.
    • Uploads data on the company server to make it available in the web app.
    • Monitors drivers’ activity.


    Our solution provides a proactive way to record drivers’ activities. In addition, it optimizes the algorithms that transportation companies implement to manage personnel workloads and availability. It also offers a fast and reliable way for company management to ensure compliance.

    Tech stack

    • Languages

      • C#
    • Technologies and tools

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