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The Transflo mobile application for the transportation industry

A mobile solution for trucking logistics allowing fleet managers and professional drivers to optimize their communication and data exchange throughout the load life cycle.

The Transflo mobile application


    Our client is Pegasus TransTech, LLC, a software development company that increases mobility and improves visibility by streamlining business processes for the transportation industry. The client turned to EffectiveSoft as their in-house team needed assistance in the development and customization of one of their software solutions – the Transflo Mobile application.


    The Transflo mobile app (for iOS and Android devices) helps professional drivers efficiently manage the load life cycle/load workflows and exchange required documentation with carriers or brokers while on the go. Transflo’s mobile and cloud-based technologies digitize nearly 500 million shipping documents each year.

    The application enables users to accept or decline loads, report on accidents and OS&D cases, trace truck location, optimize operational expenses, etc.

    Equipped with intelligent time management, reporting and scanning tools, Transflo Mobile keeps the drivers organized and productive at every turn.

    Our contribution

    • We performed cross-platform functional and usability testing to ensure reliable app performance and improved user experience.
    • We developed several customized versions of the mobile application specifically tailored to the needs of Transflo’s clients.
    • We implemented geofencing functionality which triggers reminders and tasks for the driver when he enters geofenced locations, e.g. the driver gets notifications about having to use toll roads, about discounts on certain services, etc.
    • We integrated electronic driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) with Hours of service (HoS) functionality cutting down on paperwork and streamlining daily operations. Thanks to such integration, the application encourages drivers to physically inspect the vehicle rather than just ‘pencil whipping’ a paper form.
    • We added an electronic signature, thus allowing drivers and their managers, who are often located in geographically dispersed locations, to authenticate documents remotely.


    The Transflo mobile application streamlines the work of drivers, fleet managers and others involved in trucking logistics, as it ensures :

    • full visibility and control over operational data, documents, and signatures
    • configurable workloads and instant communication
    • enhanced end-to-end productivity


    OS: iOS, Android
    Programming languages: Java, Objective-C, Swift
    Technologies and Tools: Android Studio, Xcode, OpenCV, REST, iOS SDK (Core Data, UIKit, Core Location, etc.)

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