Case Study: LoopSign New Version of the Customer’s Infosign Solution
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LoopSign v2

A new version of the customer’s infosign solution which makes creating and broadcasting promotional materials easier and more efficient.

LoopSign v2 - customer’s infosign solution

    Client and challenge

    Loop24 AS is a Norwegian company that offers easy-to-use digital signage and meeting room management solutions.

    Having EffectiveSoft successfully completed several projects, Loop24 entrusted us to rewrite their digital signage solution as it had low performance, suffered from bugs and was not scalable.

    • Client

      Loop24 AS
    • Country

    • Domain

      IT services
    • Solution

      Infosign solution
    • Services

      Custom software development
    • Technology

      JavaScript, React, MacOS


    LoopSign v2 is a cloud-based application, used both for creating unique promotional materials and managing a huge network of screens located worldwide.

    Edit content flexibly

    In LoopSign v2 the user selects landscape or portrait mode and arranges various widgets on the screen.

    A list of widgets that can be added to the screen view:

    • Text
    • Picture gallery
    • Video (MP4 and YouTube)
    • Calendar
    • RSS feeds
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Website
    • Weather
    • Twitter
    • HTML Embed Code
    • PDF
    • MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
    • Clock and more.

    It is possible to draw, drag and drop, and change the size of the layouts manually. The content is edited in the web browser, right in the preview of the screen.

    Plan content broadcasting time

    The system allows users to add multiple widgets on the same area, thus showing engaging and frequently updated digital signage content. Users can customize the sequence and the duration for each widget on the timeline.

    Administer users by role

    The administration website of the LoopSign v2 can help in managing screens and defining user roles by building explicit hierarchy of distributors, resellers, and companies. The administrative interface ensures that everyone will receive rights to edit content and manage screens, exclusively in accordance with their access permissions and role.

    Tech stack

    • OS

    • Languages

    • Backend

      • Koa
      • MySQL
      • TypeScript
    • Client

    • Tools

      • Yarn
      • Create-React-App
      • ESLint
      • Prettier
      • StyleLint
    • DevOps

      • Github
      • AWS CodePipline
      • Elastic beanstalk
      • S3 bucket + Cloudfront

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