Case Study: Arcuity VizionTM
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Arcuity VizionTM

An extensive Blockchain-enabled platform that improves record retrieval and sharing in the legal industry.

Arcuity VizionTM Blockchain-enabled platform

    Client and challenge

    In California, in Workers’ Compensation proceedings, record retrieval is time-consuming and prone to misuse. It is still done manually and involves a significant duplication of work by law firms and copy service providers. It, in turn, leads to increased costs covered at the expense of insurers.

    In workers’ compensation cases, most lawyers charge a contingency fee ⁠— a percentage of the settlement or award. Thus, law firms sometimes operate at a loss, as they do not have appropriate tools to estimate claims and group them by cost.

    Striving to improve this situation, Arcuity AI, Inc. turned to EffectiveSoft with a need for a platform to facilitate and secure record retrieval and sharing. To exclude any possibility of forging the documents used in trial, it was required that every record in the platform be identical to the one provided by the records custodian.


    Inspired by the client’s unprecedented idea of taking the work of claim-resolution teams to a new level, the engineers at EffectiveSoft participated in the development of ArcuityVizionTM. The platform ensures secure, immediate, and low-cost access to documents by all legitimate Workers’ Compensation stakeholders.

    ArcuityVizionTM is using Integra’s Blockchain Smart DocumentTM technology, which creates a permanent chain of custody and authenticates the documents by multiple parties. It also ensures that every record in the platform is immutable and identical to the copy obtained from the custodian of records. If there is an attempt to make changes to the document, it is considered invalid and users are alerted about potential fraud or abuse.

    The integrity and authenticity of printed documents are guaranteed as every record in the platform is immutable and identical to the copy obtained from the custodian of records. When scanned, it reveals the information about the version and legitimacy of the printed document used in trial.


    • Only orders authenticated by the Arcuity system are submitted for billing, which guarantees that payers are sent legitimate bills for copies of the genuine-source documents.
    • For every Workers’ Compensation claim a group is created, where all the stakeholders can participate.
    • The record can be shared not only among the members of the group but with any interested party.
    • The embedded DRM (digital rights management) system protects the documents from being copied.
    • The platform is built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Its extended customization capabilities minimize the need to create new modules of the platform and allow using the CRM system functionality instead.


    ArcuityVizionTM helps to:

    • eliminate fraud and significantly improve the speed of Workers’ Compensation claim process;
    • reduce friction in legal document retrieval;
    • generate savings in time and money across the industry, benefiting both payers and injured workers.


    Tech stack

    Middleware: Azure Function, Azure Active Directory (AD) B2C, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Storage Blob, Express JS, TypeScript, Send Grid, Edex Cloud, Vitrium, Integra Ledger, Joy.
    Front-end: Axios, Final Form, Material UI, DevExpress, Reselect, ReactJS/ Redux, Victory, MSAL.

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