Trade Execution System

Trade Execution System

An independent agency front-end platform with institutional buy- and sell-sides for more efficient management and control of trading and execution processes across multiple asset classes.


The customer, a leading provider of market access and trade execution services, addressed EffectiveSoft with the request to enrich the existing client part of the system with a number of new features, as well as extend the functionality of the server part.


The team at EffectiveSoft optimized the system architecture and its scalability. To meet the customer’s objectives, our engineers enhanced the trading software system with the following key features:

  • Tools for the evaluation of the traders’ performance (for better control over the execution processes)
  • Order entry and management
  • Algorithms for smart order execution
  • Customized reports for traders and their back offices enabling clients to review daily transactions and other critical data
  • Integration with prime brokers to receive start-of-day information, upload trade allocations, handle OATS (Order Audit Trail System) and other reporting requirements
  • An option to customize the system to each trader’s screen specifications
  • A single gateway to fragmented liquidity destinations: public and dark
  • Aggregated, low-latency market data and ECN books
  • Integration with a variety of systems: internal, OMS, trading, and third-party providers
  • Connection to EMS via FIX (Financial Information Exchange) or via other trading and order management systems
  • FIX-based order staging/drop-copy
  • Automated back-office compliance tools

Technologies & Tools

Oracle 9i, Tomcat Application Server, JProfiler, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Ant, Java EE(JTA, JMS, JDBC, JMX, e-mail), Struts, Java Web Start, Java Beans, XML, Swing, Trove, CVS, JUnit, FogBugz.

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