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Trading platform for web and mobile

iOS, Android, and web apps allow trading stocks, crypto, futures, ETFs, and Forex pairs at real-time spot prices.

Trading platform for web and mobile

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a tech startup that came up with the idea of developing a multiplatform app for commission-free online trading in global financial markets. Seeking a solution, the client approached EffectiveSoft relying on our experience in developing financial software. Our development team was engaged to deliver two native iOS and Android apps and the server-side component.

    The mobile apps were a success, and the client decided to extend the platform capabilities by adding a web app that would have the same look and feel as the mobile app. Our cooperation was the perfect foundation for further partnership, therefore we were also asked to develop a web component of the trading platform.

    • Client

      Tech startup
    • Domain

    • Solution

    • Services

      Mobile and web app development
    • Technology

      Android, iOS, .NET

    The trading platform we developed is a suite of web and mobile apps supported by a microservice-based back end, hosted on Microsoft Azure for fault tolerance and scalability. On top of the platform, there is an admin panel equipped with valuable tools that allow its users to perform analytical tasks, modify settings, as well as communicate with the support team.

    Our platform enables conducting a wide range of trading activities, including:

    • Trade stocks
    • Cryptocurrency
    • ETFs
    • Futures
    • Forex pairs at real-time spot prices.

    To ensure compliance and protect users from identity fraud, we implemented a fast and secure sign-up workflow followed by an identity verification process. Once a user account is created, they can select an amount they lend from the brokerage company against margin as collateral, fund a spot wallet, transfer funds into a margin account, and perform trading activities.

    The mobile and web apps offer numerous features, such as:

    • Asset search
    • Watchlist management
    • Trading mode selection
    • Manual or automatic order management options
    • Advanced charting.

    The platform also integrates with third-party analytical, financial, and identity verification services.


    The modern trading platform, which supports a wide portfolio of trading assets, has gained popularity among users seeking smart investment options. We continue to collaborate with our client, enhancing the platform functionality in line with the latest market trends.

    Tech stack

    • Server side

      • C#
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Azure 
 Service Bus
      • .NET
      • WebAPI 2
      • Autofac
      • Azure SDK
      • SignalR
      • NLog
      • Azure Redis 
      • Twilio 
Authy API
      • Nexmo API
      • Google Authenticator API
      • Coinbase API
      • MaxMind API
      • Binance API
      • Activ API
      • News API
    • iOS app

      • Swift
      • Cocoa Touch
      • Core Animation
      • Data Core
      • REST (Alamofire)
      • SignalR
    • Android app

      • RxJava2
      • Retrofit2
      • Room
      • Live Data
      • Glide
      • SignalR
      • Intercom SDK
      • SumSub SDK
    • Web app

      • Intercom SDK
      • Redux
      • Axios
      • React
      • i18next
      • styled- components
      • TradingView Widget

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