Design concept of a mobile app for simplifying roommate search
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Design concept of a mobile app for simplifying roommate search

We created a design concept for the Realmate app. The app allows users to find the perfect roommate by sharing ads on social media and suggests potential roommates based on user status and personal preferences.

About the project

The goal of the project is to create a simple and user-friendly app that solves the actual problems one faces when searching for a roommate.

Design process


Our survey revealed that renting an apartment was easier and clearer than renting a room. People surveyed found it hard to spot suitable options on message boards. They often needed to pay a realtor. Respondents emphasised that they actively searched for alternative options. Based on this information, we formed several hypotheses.

User research

Questionnaires and surveys allowed us to gather insights that proved our hypotheses. So we defined two high-level flows for two main goals in our app. Information mapping helped us to piece all elements together. We made an interactive prototype to test all the required scenarios.

User flows

After preparing the wireframes, we tested them. We asked users to complete 2 tasks on the prototype and gathered detailed information on how they interacted with the product.

Usability testing

In these tests, we focused on facilitating user navigation through the app. In accordance with our ideas about user flows, tasks were drawn up.

As always, Maze was our irreplaceable assistant in usability research.

Visual approach

Once we’ve built the entire information architecture of the application we proceeded to the visual design. Working on visual solutions, we used a simple and modern font, Urbanist, which reflects clarity and simplicity that complements our concept of transparency in searching for a neighbor.


Each user is able to create an account in a couple of clicks and start neighbor search right away by choosing needed criteria.

Roommate search

Swipe logic familiar to users by dating apps reduces their efforts to minimum. Users look through the basic information about potential neighbors registered in the app, and swipe right to save the candidate for later consideration.

Ad posting

Beside searching among people registered in the app, users can post an ad on social media. Uses can draft an ad, including image and video editing, in the app and then share it to Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.


To protect user privacy, chatting starts only after a user accepts the request to start a conversation.


As a result of our work, we’ve created a user-friendly app with a highly customizable search system and a clean, straightforward interface. It has received positive feedback from test users, confirming its value in the market.

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