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Customized access control solution for safer enterprise

We created a comprehensive access control system for enterprises which enhances security with technological excellence.


    Our client, a leading manufacturer and distributor of access control system packages for commercial and residential properties, came up with a new idea.

    As their business customers were seeking streamlined ways to monitor and record the movements of staff and visitors within their facilities, the client wanted to create an efficient system to meet these needs.

    They approached EffectiveSoft with a clear vision for a robust network access control management system.


    Access control

    The diversity and complexity of their requirements presented a unique challenge. They were looking for a comprehensive system that could effectively manage electronic entry cards and card holders, set access security policies, provide real-time monitoring of the access control system, and generate detailed reports.

    In addition, seamless installation and configuration of various hardware components, such as controllers, door panels, and door readers, were essential. Our task was to develop an all-in-one solution that would seamlessly integrate all these elements.


    EffectiveSoft rose to the challenge and developed the Access Control Enterprise, a suite of client solutions built from scratch using C#.

    Secure and reliable data exchange between the client applications and the server part was facilitated by Windows Communication Foundation.

    DirectShow was used to seamlessly transfer video files, and Windows Presentation Foundation and Expression Blend were used to innovatively design the application's user interface.

    The suite comprises four applications:

    • Hardware Manager. A comprehensive tool used for installing and configuring diverse hardware such as controllers, doors with door panels and door readers, etc. It ensures seamless interaction between the physical components and the digital system.
    • Data Manager. It assigns card holders to specific user groups based on the access area and time and records card holders’ locations, specifying when and where a user was granted or denied access. To prevent data loss in the event of a system failure, it regularly synchronizes data between the controllers and the central database.
    • Security Manager. It defines access security policies consisting of various user groups, access zones and time zones parameters combinations. It also manages Access Control Enterprise users' interaction with the system.
    • Monitoring Tool. A real-time surveillance component that specifically monitors the access control system and enables timely response to any incidents at doors. It also supports the provision of detailed reports about doors and users, aiding the administrative and security operations within a facility.

    Access control scheme


    The result is an all-encompassing, efficient and secure solution for the customer’s access control needs. The Access Control Enterprise project was a resounding success, opening the door for further collaboration on new projects with the client.

    Access Control Enterprise now proves our competitiveness in the busy security industry.

    Tech stack

    • Tools and technologies

      • MS SQL
      • .NET
      • WPF
      • WCF
      • Expression Blend
      • DirectShow
    • Programming languages

      • C#

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