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Waterway pool and spa catalog

A mobile app for iOS and Android allows discovering a wealth of product information offline.

Waterway pool and spa catalog


    Waterway Plastics, Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of pool, hot tub/spa, and whirlpool bath equipment for the USA and international markets. On 450,000 feet of manufacturing and warehousing facilities, it offers an extensive line of jets, pumps, filters, filter systems and white goods for in-ground and above ground pools, SPAs and baths.


    In order to present the entire product range to a wider audience and to update product information faster, the customer decided to replace the paper catalog with a mobile application.

    Waterway Plastics and EffectiveSoft have been successfully working together on the software development. Due to the long-term and effective partnership, our team was asked to help Waterway Plastics with a new assignment.

    One of the most challenging tasks was to create a mobile product catalog that would operate without the Internet connection. This requirement was driven by the nature of the products manufactured by Waterway Plastics with user convenience in mind.


    The mobile application includes the Pool & Spa Buyer’s Guide, a catalog of products manufactured by Waterway Plastics, and an interactive pool volume and flow calculator.

    Each product in the catalog is accompanied by a detailed description, photos, technical charts, design diagrams, and price quotes. The user is also offered a list of models and modifications of the product to compare all available options.

    The Technical Info section is a perfect reference guide containing technical details and configurations of the equipment.

    With advanced search capabilities, easy navigation and parts sections, users can find what they need in no time.

    The Pool Volume & Flow Calculator not only calculates the size and capacity of the pool on the go, but also identifies the appropriate installation equipment.

    The application is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices (both smartphones and tablets). Since the data and algorithms associated with the application are stored locally on the device, the application works completely offline. It only requires an Internet connection to be downloaded from the Google Play Market or Apple App Store. Our team made great efforts to minimize the application size while preserving the high quality content.

    We have considerable experience in providing complex custom solutions for manufactoring companies. Let's discuss your project.


    Benefits of the Waterway Plastics Pool and Spa catalog:

    • It helps to access extensive product information with a beautiful visual reference, as well as provides a convenient user experience with clearly structured content, technical information, a replacement parts reference and the useful Pool Volume Calculator.
    • It is a cost- and time-effective way (in comparison to the paper catalog) to distribute information to the existing and prospective clients.
    • It contributes to reaching a wider audience and increasing the company’s market share.

    Tech stack

    • Backend

    • Mobile

      • Dart
      • Flutter
    • Tools and technologies

      • HTML data parsing
      • Image Processing
    • Cross-platform layouting

      • TinyPNG
      • ImageMagick
      • Jpegoptim
      • Pngquant

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