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Rollout process manager

The app streamlines recruitment processes, increases work efficiency and ensures uninterrupted internal cooperation.

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a German software development company providing high-end development and engineering services. It was entrusted with a nationally significant task to provide software support of the country-wide program aiming at metering system modernization. The client needed to develop a software solution that would automate and orchestrate all the processes involved in the replacement of older energy meters with the new digital ones.

    First, the development was started by efforts of the in-house team, but soon the project was about to fail. So the team at EffectiveSoft handled the job and completed a significant part of the project including the development of the front-end and back-end functionality.

    • Client

      Software development company
    • Country

    • Solution

      Rollout process manager
    • Domain

    • Services

      Web app development
    • Technology

      JavaScript, Java, SQL


    In close cooperation with the in-house team, we developed Rollout Process Manager, a modular web-based solution. It comprises the following modules:

    • Partner Portal
    • Meter Operations Manager
    • Master Data Manager
    • Rollout Reporting.

    Rich functionality of our software:

    • Enables monthly and yearly planning of smart meter installation.
    • Facilitates smart meters and auxiliary equipment procurement process.
    • Helps monitor the installation process.
    • Allows foreseeing equipment inventory bottlenecks or service provision problems to take countermeasures.
    • Helps efficiently address unforeseen events such as device batch recalls, fault clearance, changing samples, and accumulated metering product replacements.
    • Provides rollout reports to monitor the scope of work done.
    • Facilitates remote collection and analysis of the readings of devices.

    What we did

    • Developed the Partner Portal module to seamlessly orchestrate procurements.
    • Fixed major defects in the Master Data Management module to enable seamless data exchange and eliminate further data challenges.
    • Performed functional testing to confirm the expected system behaviour.
    • Designed and implemented the unit testing model to ensure that every single software component functions smoothly and meets the specification requirements.
    • Created the Meter Operation Management module to monitor energy metering, as well as the processing of measured values and data transmission.
    • Implemented error-free communication with the database to eliminate frustrations because of missing or incorrect data.
    • Tested API services to confirm the security of app and data responses.


    As a result of our collaborative work with the in-house team, Rollout Process Manager was launched on time. The system enables power engineers to plan, optimize and monitor all the processes related to the rollout and operation of the smart energy infrastructure.

    Tech stack

    • Frontend

    • Technologies and tools

      • Ext JS4
      • Ext JS6
      • Intellij Idea
      • Soap-UI
      • Spring MVC
      • Maven
      • MyBatis
      • Junit
      • SVN
      • Spring Framework

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