Social calendar application

Social Calendar Application

Hybrid mobile app that helps people socialize and plan their spare time with ease.

Client and challenge

Our client, a Germany-based company, thought up an idea centering around easy communication and free time planning. They wanted to create a mobile app that would improve the way people get in touch by having family, friends and others
around them available in one place. The client had a basic idea of the application and its design, so they needed a partner to deliver a complete solution. EffectiveSoft stepped in to develop a simple and modern application.


Our engineers created a React Native app, available both on iOS and Android. It’s a calendar app designed to share planned events or activities with everyone you want to at one go, without the need to check on everyone’s availability individually. People you want to be in touch with have to be on your contact list and be signed up in the app.

Along with optimizing the initial design idea, we also offered and integrated third-party services such as Twilio and Firebase to enable an easy sign-up process, in-app communication, and notifications.

The app provides a simple and convenient user experience with two main user flows within it.

Sharing an event:

  • Signing up in the app via phone number. Simple and secure registration is provided.
  • Adding contacts who are already in the app or invite others to join.
  • Adding an event to the spare time/vacation calendar specifying details of the planned activities and the date/time. A map with the event location can also be added.
  • Selecting contacts/groups who will see the event in their calendar. Group members who are not supposed to see the event can be removed from the list.

Viewing and joining the event:

  • Selecting the calendar view mode. Users can customize the calendar display to their liking by selecting a view period, etc.
  • Searching for and choosing an event to join. Search by title, description or person is available.
  • Joining an event. The event organizer is notified of a new participant. Users can chat about the event right in the app.



  • In-app chat. Users can contact each other via a live chat
    if they want to join or discuss an event, or just to stay in touch.
  • Concealed groups. Users can separate their contacts into preferred
    groups (family, friends, sports buddies, etc.). Groups are only visible to their creator – the contacts don’t know which group they’re in.
  • Adjustable push notifications. To ensure a certain person is promptly notified of an event, push notifications can be enabled (or disabled) for a particular person.
  • Multi-language support. The calendar adapts to the users’ preferred time zone and language and adjusts the display of events accordingly.
  • Business planning. Small businesses or entrepreneurs can also use
    the app to organize employee workflow: delegate events in a company by sharing company’s events and appointments with certain employees, and more.
  • Contacts sync. The app automatically synchronizes with
    contacts upon each login to keep users updated on newcomers.

Tech stack

Backend: .NET Core 3.1
Frontend: React Native
Third-party services: Twilio (sms sender), Firebase

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