Case Study: Biosignal Wearable Technology Platform
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Biosignal wearable technology platform

A second-to-none solution for tracking performance of the human body based on biosignals received from smart clothing.

Biosignal wearable technology platform

    Client and challenge

    Prevayl, a UK-based ambitious startup, is aimed at delivering an unrivalled experience in wearing smart clothing for better monitoring of physical and mental wellbeing.

    Prevayl uses advanced textile and patented technology to produce smart clothing.

    Prevayl was looking for creative designers and tech-savvy mobile developers for their upcoming project − development of the biosignal wearable technology platform as an MVP.

    The solution was expected to visualize body signals captured by smart clothing in real time, thus providing actionable insights into health state and body performance.


    • Client

    • Country

    • Solution

    • Domain

      Sports and fitness
    • Service

      UX/UI design, mobile app development
    • Technology

      Unity, .Net, Android


    With UI/UX designers and mobile developers on board, we created demo versions for the web and AR mobile applications featuring platform capabilities and industry-wide application.

    We used a cross-platform game engine Unity to visualize real-time body movements in 3D. The simulated captured data was stored on the dedicated .Net Core server and transmitted to the applications via WebSocket and UDP protocols.

    Distinctive features

    3D activity modelling and biosignals

    Smart clothing sensors automatically track biosignals and workout efforts across various exercises, such as cycling, running, weightlifting, push-up, etc.

    Real-time video streaming from the mobile cam is synced with the 3D model highlighting muscle tension. The user can instantly track muscles activity, productivity, performance, emotional level, temperature and blood changes.

    To prevent training injuries and overload, the app warns the user of any critical moment and advices as what is best to do.

    Tracking workout route on the map

    If working out takes place outside, the user can switch to the map to track the route, distance, duration and burnt calories.

    Smart clothing account

    Within a personal account, the user can add new smart clothes and check 5G connection and charging level of the connected smart clothing.

    Actionable insights

    Whatever and whenever the user exercises in smart clothing, the platform keeps the history of all the captured biosignals. This allows tracking health state and activity quality over different periods of time, compare results and undertake corresponding measures as recommended by the application.



    Within tight deadlines, we did manage to submit a flawless MVP. The customer was impressed with the quality and speed of the work done.

    The platform offers promising advantages for many industries: sports and fitness, fashion and design, and many others whose big goal is to help people improve their lifestyle.

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