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1 day ago 5 min read

Building AI expertise: how we foster professional growth in our team
EffectiveSoft places a high priority on the professional development of the employees. At EffectiveSoft, we always take pride in our employees completing various certification and training programs to stay up to date with the latest technological advancements and industry trends. In this interview, we delve into the professional journeys of Alexey Kozlovsky, a Delivery Manager, and Agustin Fernandez, a Senior Backend Developer. Both have recently pursued Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2024 Generative AI Certification, and they share their motivations, experiences, and the impact this certification has on their work.
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Interview
market data providers for trading

4 months ago 6 min read

Trading data providers: overcoming the obstacles
In the dynamic world of trading, EffectiveSoft is at the forefront of innovation and expertise. Oleg Maslovsky is the one who leads the technological efforts. A seasoned expert and Technical Lead specializing in cloud architecture, microservices, and the Golang programming language, Oleg has a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in delivering cutting-edge trading solutions and excels in navigating the rough terrain of real-time financial data, regulatory compliance, and system scalability.
  • Trading
  • Technology
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10 months ago 6 min read

An interview with Oleg Yanovich, Technology Director
In 2024, Oleg Yanovich will celebrate his 20th anniversary of working at EffectiveSoft. We talked with Oleg about how our company has evolved over his tenure, how technology has changed, and how he has managed our approach to building long-term relationships with clients.
  • Interview

1 year ago 10 min read

Interview with Olga Gomankova, Head of Sales for Europe and the Middle East
Olga Gomankova joined EffectiveSoft eight years ago and built her career in the Sales Department, where she is now the Head of Sales for Europe and the Middle East. Let’s talk with Olga about her professional experience, her team, clients, and her vision for the world of sales.
  • Interview

1 year ago 4 min read

Interview with Derek Schneider, Head of U.S. Sales
Derek Schneider has joined EffectiveSoft as our first Head of Sales for the Americas. Let's talk with Derek about his professional background, his vision of how to build long-lasting partnerships with clients, and what sets EffectiveSoft apart among hundreds of competitors.
  • Interview

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