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1 month ago 6 min read

Developing expertise through professional wins: insights from our UI/UX designer
At EffectiveSoft, we prioritize professional growth, skill-building, and expertise development among our employees. We always support our specialists in their professional endeavors, including obtaining certifications or participating in competitions.
  • Design
  • Interview
best ai tools for designers

2 months ago 27 min read

Best AI tools to enhance your graphic design workflow
In a world where technology evolves daily, incorporating the latest advancements is crucial to success. “Artificial intelligence” and “neural networks” are no longer just buzzwords but important tools utilized in various fields, including graphic design. These technologies are capable of executing simple routine tasks and generating complex design concepts, serving as invaluable assistants for designers.
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Design

3 months ago 18 min read

How to design for accessibility
Creating a welcoming experience for every customer isn't just good business—it's essential. That’s why accessibility should be an integral part of every business strategy, not only in terms of physical spaces but also in the digital realm. As we work toward a future where digital accessibility is the norm rather than the exception, understanding the principles of accessible design becomes critical.
  • Design
5 development blogs

5 years ago 3 min read

Best software development blogs every software professional should be following
One fast and easy way to stay up to date with current trends in software development is to follow quality resources. Here are 5 of the best blogs for software developers.
  • Enterprise
  • Design
Who is Actually a UX Designer

6 years ago 5 min read

Who is Actually a UX Designer
User Experience design (UX design) has become a real breakthrough in the modern tech industry being one of the best ways to generate positive emotions through product interactions. And a person who is able to implement the important tasks the UX design requires is considered to be quite a stranger.
  • Design

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