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legacy system modernization

2 months ago 23 min read

Legacy system modernization: an upgrade guide
In the ever-changing digital world, companies may find their solutions outdated and struggling to meet modern demands. To address the challenge, companies may opt to modernize legacy systems, allowing them to seize new opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, and boost productivity.
  • Legacy modernization
  • Digital transformation
  • Cloud

4 months ago 13 min read

Transforming industries with gamification
These days, games are everywhere, even if we’re not consciously aware of them. Points, rewards, loyalty programs, and beyond—all incorporate elements of gaming. Gamification transforms mundane tasks into enjoyable and motivating experiences, which is why integrating gamification into company processes is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Digital transformation
  • Technology
dt in manufactoring

9 months ago 15 min read

Digital transformation in manufacturing
The manufacturing sector, encompassing a wide range of industries from automotive to food and beverages, has long been a driving force of economic and social development. Its role goes far beyond the production of essential goods, as it facilitates trade expansion, creates employment opportunities, and greatly enhances our quality of life. However, to remain relevant in the market and have an edge over stiff competition in today’s digital era, manufacturing businesses must undergo significant operational changes, which is only feasible by integrating digital technologies in their production processes.
  • Manufacturing
  • Digital transformation
digital transformation in education

11 months ago 18 min read

Digital transformation in education: top trends, benefits, and challenges
Digital transformation is shaping the way modern organizations work, influencing each aspect of everyday life, and educational organizations are embracing technological innovations to create accessible, efficient, and valuable solutions for educators and students.
  • Digital transformation
  • E-learning
digitalization of logistics and transportation

1 year ago 13 min read

The digital transformation of logistics and transportation
From document management systems to delivery robots, cutting-edge technologies have infiltrated every aspect of logistics and transportation to change them forever.
  • Logistics
  • Digital transformation

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