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Best Software Development Blogs Every Software Professional Should Be Following

One fast and easy way to stay up to date with current trends in software development is to follow quality resources. Here are 5 of the best blogs for software developers.
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5 development blogs

    Keeping up to date with changes in software development can be time-consuming. But if you are aiming for freelance work at the UK or US software development company, it’s vital that you keep on the ball. These companies are typically at the cutting-edge of technological innovation and require the latest skills. What’s more, those who can learn the latest in-demand skills have the power to charge above-market rates. At least until the next fad comes along. So, it clearly pays to stay informed. Below are the top 5 professional development blogs to read and follow.

    Simple Programmer

    Despite its name, Simple Programmer isn’t just for newbies. Started as a blog for founder John Sonmez to distill his knowledge of web development, this website now boasts hundreds of tutorials across a wide array of topics. Some of these are general in scope and can be applied to any development language or framework. For example, this recent piece on effective communication in an agile environment is useful for working on most modern software projects. But the in-depth articles can provide a quick and thorough introduction to new technologies and design theories, such as this resource on distributed web applications.

    If you are looking for hands-on guides to the most sought-after programming languages and frameworks, is the place for you. Courses on hot topics such as Anglular, Node, and Laravel are all provided. But what really sets apart from the rest of the tech blogosphere is the news and views on the latest developments in the programming world. The contributors cover these topics in a thorough and timely manner. If you want to know which features are going to be added to the next release of Vue or Angular, you need to follow this blog.


    Codrops is one of the most useful best web development blogs for learning the latest techniques. Many of the design patterns we see on the web today were first unveiled here. The site also contains a CSS quick reference guide and a showcase for web development experiments, as well as useful design blueprints for a range of niches.


    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the tools which give websites the wow factor. And CSS-Tricks has been the ultimate resource for creating stunning effects with just a few lines of code for over a decade. It’s clear that founder Chris Coyier knows how to combine CSS commands like no-one else, but this blog isn’t just for front end geeks. It also addresses other areas which are vital for productive environments, such as increasing site speed. The core concepts presented in CSS-tricks are useful for anybody in web development. Every business wants its website to be prettier and perform more efficiently, and this blog can help you to help your clients make it a reality.

    A List Apart

    User Experience (UX) is one of the biggest themes in modern web development. Any professional that can help a client site increase conversion and user satisfaction is going to be much in demand. But how can you quickly become a UX guru? A List Apart is the place to pick up the core concepts behind a better user experience, as well as learn the latest techniques and studies. From a responsible use of Javascript to trans-inclusive design, the knowledge bombs in this blog will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

    We hope you find these blogs a useful resource. For freelancers looking to land gigs with any major US software development company, they are certainly a vital tool to stay ahead of the pack.

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