East Indian Tycoon

Project background

East Indian iPhone game

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To develop iPhone project we formed a team of experienced project manager, mobile programmers, designer and script writer. The team of developers decided to produce a creative game concept, so the main characters of this game became a ship and islands, located in the sea.

Main mission of the iPhone game East Indian Tycoon is to monitor islands and to deliver goods from islands to the storage. It is a simple and exciting logistic game for touch screen mobile devices. We applied Agile methodology to game development process, it allowed us to divide tasks into small parts and to discuss them during short meetings.

Game rules:

  1. Collect goods on the islands and deliver them to the storage
  2. Deliver harvest to the storage before it gets spoilt
  3. Set an order of tasks for the ship and manage it in time

The iPhone demo with rich graphic interface and interactive features was build with the power of such tools and technologies as: Apple XCode, Adobe Photoshop, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch API and other.

Solution highlights of iPhone game

Benefits for the customers

Project utilizes

Design development


Design development time

300 h

Number of graphic elements

80 items

Software development


Total project development time

250 h

Lines of code



Apple XCode, Adobe Photoshop


Objective-C, Cocoa Touch API, Cocos2d framework

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