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Fitness platform

A web-based application that brings together fitness coaches and trainees for interactive live video workouts.

    We teamed up with a UK-based startup at the time they were about to launch their pilot online fitness platform. The application was developed by another software development company. Since the client wasn’t sure the application would provide outstanding user experience, we were requested to assess and improve the platform quality as well as finalize video streaming.

    • Client


    • Domain

      Sports and fitness

    • Service

    • Solution

      Fitness platform

    • Technology

      JavaScript, PHP, Laravel

    • Outsourcing model


    EffectiveSoft assembled a dedicated team out of QA specialists and developers to work on the clients’s request.

    For the ease of platform development and monitoring, we moved the platform to AWS EC2. There were production and development environments. Each of them had a web server and a LiveSwitch server for video streaming.

    To balance the load capacity, we realized automatic switch on (off) of the LiveSwitch server once the training session starts (is over). This means that either server is only on when there is a video streaming, otherwise it is turned off.

    To make the platform responsive to insufficient internet bandwidth and absence of video and audio, we implemented system check-ups before a video session starts, thus notifying the user if something goes wrong.

    To deliver intuitive user experience, we refined the logic of registration
and session workflows. In addition, we performed cross-browser testing on mobile, tablet and desktop devices to ensure the same look and feel.

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    EffectiveSoft builds fitness apps that focus on the needs of professional athletes and amateurs. Our apps also provide assistance in workout, weight, and nutrition control.


    The fitness platform we improved is aimed at meeting the needs of a wide audience. It motivates platform users to get fit, enables employees to fit workouts into their busy schedule, and helps people with health conditions or impairments to exercise from home.

    An instructor can stream live video classes remotely, regardless of the location and number of participants. During a training session, a trainer can communicate with trainees to provide guidance and feedback.

    The fitness platform covers the following functionality:

    • Administration related to users, payments, and video content compliance rules.
    • Instructors’ profiles with accreditations, ratings, and scheduled classes.
    • Trainees’ profiles with booked classes.
    • Single or bulk payments for classes by PayPal or credit card.
    • System checks (Internet bandwidth, video and audio availability) prior to session start.
    • Diary, notifications and reminders management.
    • Messaging tools and social sharing links.

    Tech stack

    • Languages

    • Technologies and tools

      • Laravel
      • JQuery
      • MySQL
      • AWS EC2
      • PayPal API
      • WebRTC
      • LiveSwitch
      • PHP Storm

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