Design concept of an online jewelry shop
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Design concept of an online jewelry shop

Yonne is an online store of hand-made jewelry, exuding the brand’s style and values through its sleek and contemporary design.

Client needs

A good e-commerce website should represent brand values and beliefs, energize users with its ideas, and convey a clear message. The main goal was to create a website with the best usability practices in e-commerce and a minimalist but striking design.

Visual approach

We conducted a competitor benchmarking analysis to find out which approach is more popular among the target audience.

One of the key ideas of the concept is bright colors combined with minimalistic photographs of jewelry.


The main challenge is to design a jewelry website that will be different from competitors’ sites and combine modern trends in web design. Sharp lines and minimalistic colors are intended to solve this problem.


The sitemap was created for navigation planning and providing a structured overview of the shop’s pages and sections.

Home page

We believe that a visually appealing and attention-grabbing homepage helps create a memorable first impression and encourages customers to explore unique jewelry collections.

Catalog and filtering

Сatalog page showcases a straightforward and user-friendly filtering system, allowing customers to easily refine their jewelry preferences.


Keyword search simplifies jewelry discovery, aiding customers in easily finding desired items and improving the overall shopping experience.


The clean layout and elegant presentation of collection pages create a pleasant shopping experience, focusing on the beauty of the jewelry itself.

Product page

Product pages offer detailed information, images, pricing and reviews for each jewelry item, simplifying the decision-making process for users.


Shopping cart provides a quick and convenient way for customers to review and manage their selected items without leaving the main shopping page.


Vibrant and eye-catching pop-ups add an element of excitement to the shopping journey. From subscription invitations to coupon offers and customer reviews, these attention-grabbing elements provide an engaging and interactive experience for customers.

Mobile view

Recent trends indicate a significant increase in users making purchases from their mobile devices. Therefore, developing an adaptive version of the online store is an essential step to cater to this growing mobile audience.

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