Case Study: AI-powered Online Tool to Prepare for Job Interviews
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AI-powered online tool to prepare for job interviews

The solution we developed analyzes the user’s test interview and provides comprehensive feedback.

AI-powered online tool to prepare for job interviews

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a technology company that offers an innovative online platform for career management and transition. The platform contains 5,000 career tools, assessment and eLearning resources. Businesses, academic institutions, and HR services consultancies customize the platform services to support the career development of their staff or the employability of their students and clients.

    Following thorough market research our client decided to add an AI-backed interview training tool to facilitate the work of careers teams.

    The client turned to the EffectiveSoft team to complete the following tasks:

    • Сreate new video interview functionality for the platform.
    • Fine-tune and integrate the Amazon Rekognition — a service that uses the deep learning technology for image and video analysis.
    • Meet the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility requirements and sync with the EqualWeb’s remediation tool* that ensures the platform’s accessibility.

    *Accessibility widget that adjusts navigation, color, and content for users with disabilities.

    • Client

      Technology company
    • Domain

    • Solution

      AI-powered training tool
    • Service

      Custom software development
    • Technology

      ASP .NET, JavaScript, React


    The EffectiveSoft team created an interview training tool from scratch and integrated it seamlessly with other platform components.

    Application interface for career management and transition

    The interview functionality is intended for both career advisers and applicants.

    In their account, career advisers can:

    • Prepare interview questions, using interview questionnaire templates, customized them, or created their own lists.
    • Comment answers and share their comments with the collegues.

    Application interface for career management and transition

    Applicants can pass the following types of job interview:

    • a custom interview — users create their own list of questions; by adding their questions or selecting them from a list of common employer questions;
    • a CV-based interview — users upload their CV to get questions based on the information in their résume;
    • a pre-build interview — users answer questions prepared by their career adviser.

    Application interface for career management and transition

    After the interview is recorded, applicants get:

    • AI feedback (option). Reports and graphs generated by the Amazon Rekognition service provide an assessment of facial expression, speech rate, eye contact, filler words, speech clarity, camera position, video quality, etc.
    • Comments from career advisers. If users share a video recording with their careers team, they can receive general feedback, as well as detailed feedback on each question.
    • Comments from any other person. Students may choose and send their recording to up to 10 people whose view they are interested in.


    The scheme of work of the online platform for job interviews

    EffectiveSoft successfully enhanced the existing online platform utilizing ASP.NET with MVC pattern for the back-end and React for the front-end features used for career advisers. Using React resulted in an interactive and up-to-date user interface. We also transitioned to WebRTC for video recording, processing, and playback, achieving cost savings while maintaining functionality.

    The enhancements made by EffectiveSoft resulted in improved user experience and reduced costs for the client.

    Tech stack

    • Backend

      • ASP.NET Core Web Api 3.1
      • Entity Framework Core 3.1
      • ASP.NET Core Web Api 3.1
      • ASP.NET Core Web Api 3.1
      • ASP.NET MVC 5
      • MS SQL
      • Amazon Simple Queue Service
      • Amazon Rekognition Service
      • Amazon Transcribe Service
      • Amazon S3 
Bucket Service
      • Azure DevOps
    • Frontend

      • HTML
      • CSS
      • JavaScript
      • React
      • Redux
      • CryptoJs
      • Styled-components
      • BrightCove
      • WebRTC
      • SignalR
      • 3playmedia
      • AddPipe
      • Kendo UI
      • React-bootstrap
      • BrowserStack
      • Amcharts

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