Case Study: Advanced Point-of-Sales SaaS Solution
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Advanced point-of-sales SaaS solution

Solution we created gives businesses flexibility and scalability at each point of sale.

Advanced Point-of-Sales SaaS Solution

    Client and challenge

    Our client provides administrative and predictive SaaS tools to businesses of all sizes and industries. These tools enable effective management of products, services, promotions, customers and interaction points.

    Although they had a cloud-based POS backend for inventory management and financial reporting, our client wanted to develop a front-end POS application compatible with a range of devices — from tablets to PCs.

    Initially working with another vendor, our client was dissatisfied with the development speed and quality of software, and our engineers were invited to review, refactor and optimize the app’s code. Our efforts led to the client entrusting us with the complete SaaS development, including a POS application for Windows touch screen devices.


    • Client

      IT company
    • Inventory management

    • Service

      Front-end and mobile development
    • Solution

      POS application
    • Technology

      .NET, WCF, React Native, Redux


    Our key tasks included ensuring consistency across device interfaces, enabling offline functionality and data synchronization, integration with the existing GraphQL API POS backend, customisable UI branding and layout, and compatibility with various peripherals.

    Our team of engineers successfully developed two responsive client POS applications – one for iOS and Android handheld devices, and another for Windows 10 devices. Both apps feature offline functionality and data synchronization with the cloud inventory management tool when internet connectivity is restored.

    In addition, our POS apps enable customisation during installation, allowing managers to edit product and service lists through the front-end app or inventory management tool.


    Key features

    Android, iOS and Windows POS apps improve business operations by offering:

    • Business accounts for adding locations, team members and devices.
    • A system of user roles: cashier, manager, customer (for self-service kiosks).
    • Cashier shift system.
    • Promotion and tax calculation modules.
    • Compatibility with different peripheral models: receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, card readers.
    • Integration with customer’s back-end POS software for automatic stock list download.


    Our advanced client POS applications compatible with a wide range of devices – from tablets to PCs, combined with the customer’s existing back-end software, provide a comprehensive package to help businesses remain agile and competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

    Tech stack

    • Windows OS app

    • Android and iOS app

      • React Native
      • Redux
      • Redux Saga
      • StyledComponents
      • Realm

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