Case Study: Online Shop Integrated With External PM System
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Shopify-based online shop integrated with external product management system

The user-friendly e-commerce solution that offers customers easy navigation, product self-selection tool, subscriptions, and automatic discounts for health insurance policyholders.

    Client and challenge

    Our client specializes in rehabilitation technology and modern products for wound care, incontinence, and daily aid for the elderly and disabled people. The company guarantees fast availability and manufacturer neutrality of its products and offers its customers detailed expert advice on how to pick the best suitable option from the vast selection of merchandise.

    Aspired to diversify its business and add an option to order products online, the company reached out to EffectiveSoft with the request to create outstanding e-commerce experience for its customers.

    • Domain

    • Solution

      Web app
    • Service

      Web development, UX/UI design
    • Technology

      ASP.NET, React, MS SQL Server
    • Outsourcing model


    The main client’s requirements at the start of the project were as follows:

    • High site loading speed and enhanced SEO capabilities;
    • Integration with the third-party product management system (Dev-Flowhub) to sync the product catalog on the site with inventory maintained in Dev-Flowhub;
    • Three levels of product category taxonomy to facilitate the product search for customers;
    • Self-selection tool – a configurator form, where customers enter their information and the system offers matching products (e.g., adult diapers of a specific size, absorbency level, etc.);
    • Integration of the different payment methods;
    • Discounts that are applied to a specific list of products based on the type of customers’ health insurance policy;
    • Purchases by subscription, so customers can get the selected products delivered; to them on a regular basis automatically.


    The front-end and back-end developers and the UI/UX specialist at EffectiveSoft created an e-commerce web application with a custom design from scratch. The solution consists of a Shopify-based online shop connected with an external system responsible for warehouse management, product data management, discount program, and subscriptions – Dev-Flowhub.


    UI/UX was built per requirements with a focus on neat navigation clear for the elderly and people with disabilities.

    We also added the self-configurator tool that helps customers define the size and types of required products without the need to browse the whole product range.

    To deliver content to customers faster and ensure better search engine rankings, the team used a server-side rendering (SSR) method implemented with Next.js framework.

    Shopify integration

    The online store was integrated with the Shopify platform using the Shopify Storefront API. Thanks to this integration, site visitors can:

    • Manage their account (register in the system, change their personal information in the account, specify shipping address(es));
    • View lists of categories and products;
    • Pay for their online purchases using different payment methods.

    Since the Shopify Storefront API relies on GraphQL, we used Apollo Client, a client manager for GraphQL queries, mutations, and data states.

    Dev-Flowhub integration

    To overcome Shopify’s limitations, we connected the website with the Dev-Flowhub using Shopify Admin API to provide:

    • Several levels of product category taxonomy;
    • Subscription for a number of regular deliveries of selected products;
    • Automatic discount calculation and ability to upload the documents confirming the health insurance policy.

    Admin UI customization

    We redesigned the Dev-Flowhub admin panel to allow company employees to:

    • Neatly organize all the data about the products available online Track orders, their statuses, and subscriptions;
    • Check the expiration date of health insurance, and the list of partnering insurance companies;
    • Upload and update the product catalog of the online shop using Dev-Flowhub.

    Tech stack

    • Dev-Flowhub Server

    • Database

      • MS SQL Server
    • Dev-Flowhub Client

      • Angular 7
      • NgRx
      • moment
      • bootstrap
      • ngx-translate
    • Shopify Client

      • React
      • Next.js
      • Apollo Client
      • Redux
      • styled-components
    • External APIs

      • Shopify Storefront API
      • Shopify Admin API
    • CI/CD

      • Jenkins
    • Version Control

      • Git


    The main task was to develop a responsive website design that would facilitate convenient ordering of essential goods for seniors and people with disabilities.

    Design process

    User flow

    The user flow is kept simple so that users can easily reach their desired action.

    Visual style

    The accurate use of contrast and color is vital for accessibility. The users should be able to easily perceive the content on the pages.

    Log in / sign up

    Each user can create an account in a couple of clicks.

    Home page

    The home page is designed with an emphasis on easy navigation that is accessible to seniors and people with disabilities.


    Self-configurator helps the users define the size and the type of the required product without the need to browse the whole product range.

    Product page

    Product card contains all the necessary information and allows to make an order right on the spot.


    Subscription-based purchases allow customers to receive selected products automatically on a regular basis.

    Flow hub

    Admin panel allows creating product cards and publish them on the website, monitor subscriptions and insurance expiration dates, track insurance companies.

    What we achieved

    The online store meets all accessibility standards and has become convenient for seniors and people with disabilities. As a result, users can enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

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