Software Maintenance and Support Services

After the product delivery to our customers, EffectiveSoft offers additional services of technical support and maintenance to ensure superb and secure system performance and smooth integration with target infrastructure. In case of any technical issue, we react within a predictable period of time providing comprehensive consulting or remote problem resolution.

How we support and maintain our software

For customers with strict requirements to IT support and maintenance, we offer assistance at no additional cost during the warranty period and under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). We are ready to help you maintain our and third-party software and services on custom schedule and workflow. The terms of Custom SLA are negotiable.

  • Receive and process support requests via different means of communication: email, phone, IM, ticketing systems.
  • Track the issue resolution workflow and report about the results.
  • Monitor the performance of a single application or entire infrastructure and provide maintenance as requested.
  • Schedule data back-ups and check the security level.
  • Provide product and security enhancements, fix defects.
  • Perform preventative maintenance.

Support services we offer

  • Warranty period. During this time, our IT support experts help you tackle any technical issues by performing workarounds, stabilizing systems, and making modifications.
  • Custom SLA with negotiable terms. We render also our technical assistance for the solutions already in use under particular terms we work out together.
  • Dedicated support team. To provide ongoing support, maintenance and timely feedback, we assemble a dedicated team of specialists for your infrastructure maintenance, security monitoring and other activities.
  • IT Support Models are offered to your consideration. Which one fits you best?


Upon this model you purchase our service once: pay a fixed price for a certain number of hours of technical support and expect our help any time you need.

Pay as you go

This model if you want to pay only when an issue occurs: the cost is based on a case type, and the model covers helpdesk services, system fixes, update issues, etc.

Why us in software support services?

  • Flexibility in adjusting our efforts to your IT and business requirements. A choice of IT support models up to 24/7 service provision.
  • Rich experience in maintenance of our own and third-party infrastructures and custom software development.
  • Ticket request resolution within the time frames determined in Service Levels Agreement.
  • Any customer’s time zone is not an obstacle for us.
  • Reduced IT support costs as you don’t have to invest into an internal team and associated IT resources.

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