Business Analysis

EffectiveSoft offers services of their experienced business analysts, who will help you create the optimal information solution.

From Idea To Development

When you conceive an idea about new software in your mind, you realize at once that you have no answers to many questions. You need assistance of competent specialists, who do not just have a good understanding of programming, but understand your internal business.

EffectiveSoft has gathered a team of creative and experienced analysts, each of whom specializes in their domain:

  • Finance;
  • Time management;
  • Web portals;
  • Trading platforms;
  • Librarian systems;
  • News portals;
  • Traveling industry;
  • Healthcare solutions;
  • Mobile games;
  • Social networks;
  • etc.

These people have immense experience in custom software development and have obtained knowledge participating in large-scale projects developed by our company jointly with business partners worldwide.

Our specialists will help you analyze your idea on all accounts:

  • consider the previous custom development experience in this domain;
  • study the specifics of your commercial activity and internal business processes;
  • stipulate the most appropriate project options from the technological and market points of view;
  • etc.

Business specification

Our analysts’ operational results will be made up as a document, which we call business-specification. As a matter of fact, this is a list of business and functional requirements. This document describes:

  • who the user will be;
  • what functional the future solution will perform;
  • what information the users will have to interact with and in which form;
  • which requirements to the solution are put forward (security, performance, interface.)
  • and many other questions.

At this stage it is very important to take into consideration all the conditions possible and provide for various situations users are to get around with the help of the new solution. The answers to these difficult questions are provided by the knowledge and experience of our analysts and close cooperation with the customer.

Having such project documentation in hand, the customer will be able to get a clear view of what exactly will be realized at each stage, as well as control the course of the project development.

System specification

This is one more crucial document, describing how the functionality defined in the Business-specification will be implemented.

System Specification is drawn up by the most experienced developers. Their aim is to project the optimal solution, meeting all the security, performance and functionality requirements.

At this stage our system analysts must:

  • choose the optimum platform for development;
  • work out hardware configuration;
  • provide for the eventuality of scaling and upgrade;
  • take into account the project budget and the timeline of the development.

System specification is one of the methods of software development. In spite of some expense the customer bears at this stage, the availability of specification allows to make an accurate estimate of the cost and implementation time of the project.

The first thing every client turning to our company wants to know is how much their project will cost. But one can give the precise answer to this question after working out system specification only.

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