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Since blockchain made a splash in 2008, EffectiveSoft has armed itself with relevant knowledge and innovative tools to bring the customers all of its many benefits, including greater security, transparency, traceability, and efficiency.

Blockchain software development services

Blockchain is a breakthrough technology, but we mostly tend to associate it with the financial industry. As a reliable blockchain software company, we know how to bring the advantages of this technology to various domains.


In the financial industry, blockchain allows speeding up payments and transfers of financial assets. It provides a new level of transactions storage, increases transparency and traceability, improves the security level, aids in working with digital currencies, and covers other vital aspects of the industry.


Although blockchain in trading is closely related to mining and distribution of cryptocurrencies, the use of this technology also increases the security of transactions, makes the bidding process faster and more convenient, reduces the costs of trading operations, and leads to decentralized storage of funds on exchanges.


Blockchain helps the healthcare industry address a number of challenges related to human factor, version control, telemedicine, etc. Unlike traditional data storage, blockchain allows more secure options, which is important for clinical trials, EHR, EMR, and medical coding. The great benefit of blockchain implementation also lies in medical billing and supply chain management.


Education gains a lot from applying blockchain as it helps in data storage, accreditation and transfer of documents, digital certification, and payment of student fees. Blockchain software development allows detecting fraudulent diplomas and helps employers hire highly-qualified staff.


In retail, blockchain helps tackle a number of problems, such as property transfer issues, cooperation with partners (suppliers, transport companies), merchandise tracking, and counterfeit monitoring. In addition, blockchain allows shops to deal with digital currencies.


Industry understands the necessity of careful processing of documentation, as well as its storage and exchange. A lot of manufacturing companies deal with confidential information, which may lead to problems with data privacy and management. Blockchain provides encryption and full transparency, excludes the third party from transactions, reduces the risk of data leaks and forgery of documents.

Blockchain software development

Blockchain is generally implemented to monitor and track changes and securely store information. Our seasoned blockchain developers are familiar with every nuance of this technology and offer blockchain applications that will transform your business.

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