Case study: Get Techs

Case study: Get Techs

The customer addressed EffectiveSoft to get assistance in website rebranding. Our creative team was posed a task to elaborate a design concept and to mould an eye-catchy logo that would reflect the client company’s activities featuring handyman services, CCTV security, business phone and alarm systems installation.

Our specialists proposed a general design concept for Get Techs’ website, highlighting all the activities in a way users could easily navigate and understand the idea, and make use of Get Techs’ services.

The customer approved the concept, but then there appeared a challenge of creating a pithy logo to display all the company’s peculiarities.

Addressing the challenge:

Trying to meet the customer’s expectations, EffectiveSoft’s designers offered a universal logo for such kind of a multi-purpose company.

Case study: Get Techs

Get Techs, in turn, asked to change the logo, putting greater emphasis on handyman services. After the necessary corrections, the logo design looked really differently, but it was not enough to satisfy the client’s needs:

Case study: Get Techs

Another wish was to make the logo more security-oriented, taking into account the fact the company dealt with CCTV security and alarm systems installation.

Here, our designers faced an idea crisis, making the logo overloaded with symbols and meanings, complicating easy perception for potential service users:

Case study: Get Techs
Case study: Get Techs


As a result of a creative briefing, EffectiveSoft developed a new design concept that combined all the symbols, and the logo became a perfect fit for the website composition, giving potential purchasers a chance to react fast.

Moreover, such a complex logo became an ideal variant for user-friendly website navigation, as there appeared an opportunity to use its components separately, at the same time avoiding problems with mobile and tablet versions presentation.

Case study: Get Techs


  • – The design was successfully developed and delivered to the customer;
  • – The customer was highly satisfied with the design concept;
  • – Users relished friendly website navigation and an eye-catchy complex logo.

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