Transforming of the constructing progress monitoring
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Transforming of the constructing progress monitoring

We empowered our client with analytics, customized visualization, and streamlined decision-making.

AI Clearing Core database


    AI Clearing is an industry pioneer in construction progress monitoring. Using drones and mobile apps, it enables progress tracking on construction sites, providing quality updates and detecting discrepancies in work progress. Due to the historically poor digitization of construction tracking, which often resulted in budget overruns and delays, AI Clearing leveraged AI to quickly address these challenges by tracking and analyzing progress in near-real-time. To accomplish this, AI Clearing developed an innovative SaaS platform, AI Clearing Core™.


    As AI Clearing experienced rapid business growth, its technology stack encountered limitations that evolved into stumbling blocks for company operations. The outdated on-premises database hindered data processing and analytics efficiency. Moreover, the existing front-end capabilities posed obstacles in fully leveraging data, particularly, drone-captured data and multiple digital data formats. A substantial platform upgrade was needed. That’s when EffectiveSoft stepped in with a clear mission: revitalize data storage and enhance front-end capabilities.


    The EffectiveSoft team initiated a full-scale modernization of the AI Clearing Core database. They built an efficient cloud data warehouse as a reliable foundation for handling heavy data volumes and complex analytic operations, crucial for AI Clearing’s geospatial analytics. This transition exponentially increased the solution’s processing and analytical abilities.

    Recognizing the limitations of the existing front end and with AI Clearing’s specific needs in mind, the engineers at EffectiveSoft implemented best practices in data visualization, UX design, and accessibility to transform the client portion of the platform, enhancing the front-end capabilities of the AI Clearing Core™. This included building interactive dashboards, combining drone imagery, construction site mapping, filterable charts, and more into intuitive project data views, significantly simplifying the interpretation of multifaceted information.

    Are you struggling to turn complex data into meaningful insights? Tired of boring and confusing dashboards? Our data visualization consulting experts can help you tell the stories hidden in your data.


    Thanks to EffectiveSoft’s expertise, AI Clearing witnessed significant improvements in its AI Clearing Core in terms of:

    • Large geospatial datasets and advanced analytics support.
    • Easy data interpretation for faster insights and decision making.
    • Scalability to enable further business growth .

    This technology transformation facilitated further development for AI Clearing, allowing for continued innovation in construction analytics.

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