Quality assurance of sophisticated IoT solution
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Quality assurance of sophisticated IoT solution

Through our adherence to quality standards, we have successfully addressed our client’s challenges and enabled product reliability.


    Our client stands at the forefront of logistics innovation, offering a suite of services that provide real-time visibility and data capture for logistics companies. Their state-of-the-art IoT loggers are pivotal in recording and transmitting vital information such as time, temperature, humidity, light, shock, and location data directly to their advanced platform, ensuring continuous real-time monitoring.


    The challenge was to manage a complex, decentralized distribution network that could empower users to remotely monitor and adjust storing conditions. This capability was crucial to maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive products throughout the distribution process, from storage to final delivery.


    To address this challenge, a sophisticated data-driven, web-based application was created. It was designed to monitor and control the storage conditions of temperature-sensitive products using IoT technology. As a part of the solution’s infrastructure, data loggers, acting as standalone devices, are placed alongside refrigeration units to track internal conditions, continuously record internal conditions, and communicate them via Wi-Fi or mobile networks to the central application server.

    The system’s capacity to handle multiple parameters, including temperature, humidity, light, and shock, alongside real-time location tracking, met and exceeded the highest industry standard for logistics monitoring.

    The extreme complexity of the system and the critical nature of its reliability, required an exceptional level of quality assurance, so our QA team was brought on board to ensure that the client’s software functions flawlessly. To meet the highest standards of our quality assurance process, we developed and followed the strategy including three crucial steps:

    • Test planning: We simulated the real-world environment using the latest technology stack to evaluate the system’s performance and reliability.
    • Test case design: Employing advanced testing techniques, we created specific scenarios to ensure the system’s compliance with stringent requirements ensuring that no stone was left unturned.
    • Manual testing execution: Our QA experts conducted in-depth manual testing of the system’s functionality, documenting every aspect in Atlassian Jira for efficient tracking and resolution of any issues.
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    The result was the successful deployment of a robust and reliable web-based application, which not only fulfilled the stringent requirements for cold chain management in the logistics industry. Our comprehensive quality assurance ensured that the high-complexity IoT system performs accurately under real-world conditions, guaranteeing our client that the temperature-sensitive products would be monitored and preserved throughout the distribution network.

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