A cloud-based solution for creating interactive videos
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A cloud-based solution for creating interactive videos

We developed a groundbreaking platform that enables creators to design gamified voice-driven interactive experiences, empowering viewers to decide how the story unfolds.

    Client and challenge

    Our client wanted to create a platform that transforms users’ videos into interactive content, empowering viewers to visit linked websites, buy products and services, and contact video owners, while providing analytics on viewer behavior.

    The development was started by another provider, but the written code did not meet the client’s standards and required further improvement. EffectiveSoft engineers were entrusted with reviewing the existing code, leading to its refactoring. Satisfied with the result, the client continued the collaboration with EffectiveSoft to keep advancing the platform.



    Leveraging Python/Django for the back end and Angular for the front end, the engineers at EffectiveSoft improved the source code and developed multiple modules from scratch, resulting in a robust cloud-based web platform. We optimized the code to decrease the initial loading time by splitting the application code into lazy load modules, structured feature module code into clear components according to business logic, and streamlined internal data flow.

    Using the platform, video owners can:

    • Create interactive videos that adapt in real time depending on viewers’ choices in the Video editor. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, video creators generate clips that allow viewers to control how the story unfolds, switch to another website, or contact video owners by calling, texting, or emailing.
    • Play interactive videos on the platform’s page and across various external web pages where the video is posted thanks to the custom Video player. The Video.js library ensures the smooth playback and display of interactive elements.
    • Distribute interactive videos via embeds across multiple channels — social media (Facebook, Instagram, X, Reddit), websites, blogs, enterprise video players, ad networks, etc.
    • Track and analyze data in Charts and Funnels to understand content performance and viewers’ response to videos and export the data to any third-party data platform.
    Our company specializes in building scalable and highly accessible cloud-based applications that can help organizations achieve their business goals.


    To offer users of the platform personalization, voice control, and audience interaction, we further enhanced the platform with the following components:

    Smart Merge

    The platform is equipped with a powerful personalization tool, Smart Merge, that allows video owners to create scalable, custom-made interactive videos. The tool integrates various available data sources, including real-time customer data, to deliver relevant content.

    Using Smart Merge, companies can create:

    • personalized ads with items and prices based on customer history and context data.
    • customized videos with automatically merged recipient names.
    • educational and training videos with a scoring system, etc.

    Smart Listen

    Through an AI-powered tool, Smart Listen, the platform enables videos to listen and react to the viewer’s voice in real time. Using smartphones, smart TVs, home assistants, and other devices, the audience is engaged in a unique personalized adventure. The system uses automatic speech recognition to react to a command and fulfill the action.

    Smart Listen empowers video owners to create an immersive experience and can be applied in various settings, including:

    • customer support
    • interactive personal training
    • voice-powered ads and films, etc.

    Interactive Cinema Backend

    Interactive Cinema Backend, a multiuser voting tool, is used when the decision about what happens next in the video depends on the entire audience rather than one viewer. The system monitors what’s happening on the screen and notifies all users when to make their choice. The viewers get to determine how the story unfolds via their smartphones through different choice scenarios, including:

    • voting
    • selecting options against the clock
    • choice by a random audience member
    • who’s first, etc.

    From groups of friends or colleagues to huge audiences, every member is engaged in the process.

    Tech stack

    • Back end

    • Front end

      • Angular
      • Swimlane UI
      • Swimlane Charts
      • Stripe
      • JSPlumb
      • Video.js

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