Design and Creative Approach

Our creative team will be happy to develop user interface for your app. Our designers and UX experts build up-to-date and thought-out interfaces for:

  • mobile applications,
  • web apps and websites,
  • any kind of desktop apps.

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Professional wireframing helps our creative team to be more formal. Interactive wireframes simplify the negotiation process with customers and enable testing workflows and navigation.

UX Development Strategy

Our strategy is based on the combination of the following three directions:

  • Modern trends
  • Users testing and feedback
  • Deep integration with social services

Vast expertise in many industries lets us successfully apply our strategy in creating design solutions to help your business be in good progress, boost revenue and increase your brand loyalty.

Interface design and development

UX Testing

Usability testing is the most efficient method to evaluate a solution, detect critical flaws, identify areas for improvement, and find the most apt ways of enhancing usability. We apply our UX testing expertise to see how users interact with your website or app, making it easier to use. This will surely help to increase user satisfaction and conversion rates.

How We Work

Detailed case study

Our business analysts study the customer's domain to have a better understanding of the tasks which will face the users of the application under construction. We subject the whole infrastructure of the application to examination.

Graphic design and optimization

Professional designers work through each element of the interface thoroughly. As a result the customer will receive a well-balanced, attractive and a really user friendly UI.

Monitoring of the competitors and traditional approaches

We analyze the existing solutions and the established principles of the UI development in one or another application area. Frequently the already conventional approaches are the optimal solution in designing of a new application.

QA and testing

The prototype of the future application with finished interface goes through a careful screening for usability and operational logic. We use both professional QA engineers as well as real users, in order to assess all the aspects of the interface developed.

Optimum strategy construction

At this stage we pick out the most successful interface solutions. We build a simple and clear workflow. We constantly consult the customer to add the required functionality to the interface exactly to the best advantage.

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Portfolio Projects

App Design - Case Study

EffectiveSoft specialists were asked to create a mobile app design concept for the provider of boat rental services from Germany. This case study describes the development process in detail…

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Logo Design - Case Study

Logo creation is not an easy task to do, but EffectiveSoft experts in web design development are ready to address any challenge. This case study highlights efforts on website rebranding and elaboration of a complex logo concept for such a multi-purpose company as Get Techs.

>> Details

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