Why Offshore Outsourcing Services? A New a Look At Old Problems

You can easily find an article with such title on the websites of all offshore companies. 10 years ago I wrote many more similar articles and vividly convinced customers to outsource. Today I want to bring new arguments and perspectives on this issue.
  • 11 years ago
  • 2 min read

iPhone and iPad phenomenon

These products have В«blown upВ» the market. At the same time they have given rise to the whole software development industry. At present day iPhone software development services are in good demand. Apple products are gaining market share of mobile technologies very quickly, and software development industry doesn’t have time to adapt to changing conditions. Thus, even if you have a brilliant idea for iPhone application and an adequate budget to finance it, you won’t always find developers to carry it into effect.

How to derive benefit from these conditions? How to leave behind your competitors? Actually, you have few alternatives. You turned to local custom software development services and found out that companies have no available iPhone developers.

So you will face with three simple alternatives:

  • To wait
  • To pay more
  • To outsource

Evidently, the first way is not right for business. The market for mobile applications is too dynamic to waste time for futile expectations. To pay more to get your quote (order) accepted in the first place is a perfectly acceptable option if your investment plan foresees a good return on investment and high profits.

But what remains if there is neither time nor free money to spare?

I would advise you to go offshore. Look for available resources where they are. In the period of the previous half a year, our company has tripled the team of dedicated Apple developers. We have created a Workflow, tailored to the iPhone/iPad projects in the best way. Also, we have hired a scenario guy, who helps our customers to create new original scenarios for iPhone games.