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Software Quality Control Services

Why you need an Offshore QA Lab

  • An independent audit of the software development services of the present offshore service provider is required
  • Technical support (including its cost) of a completed project becomes a challenge
  • Product quality enhancements are needed to increase overall business profitability
  • An onsite/nearshore software development process requires a dedicated software QA team
  • Access to a unique experience, specific testing platforms, and software licenses becomes one of the major customer's goals

Key benefits

  • Proper skills. You are free to review the CVs of software testers and choose the most appropriate skills for your project along with personal interviewing and necessary tests.
  • Flexibility. Synchronization of our working shifts with business hours in your company.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Team size adjustment. A dedicated QA team can be scaled or downsized as per your business needs.
  • Planning and management. If necessary, you can remotely perform a full control over the software quality assurance process planning and resources management.

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Security code review

Code review is one of the most effective defect removal activities. There's no need to build the software or test it before the code review starts revealing the issues. Just looking at the code, keeping some code quality standards, it is possible to disclose many issues, including those hard to detect using other methods. In order to be effective, code review should be conducted by skilled developers. EffectiveSoft has such "gurus" at hand. They may evaluate the level of quality of your code and provide recommendations on how to improve it.

Web applications testing

Modern web applications are complex and interactive programs with sophisticated GUIs. Web applications are much more complicated than simple web pages because the former consist of front-end graphical user interfaces, that users see, and back-end software components. EffectiveSoft has extensive experience in the development and testing of complex web applications.

Usability assessment

Usability testing is conducted in order to determine the extent to which the software product is understood, easy to learn, easy to operate and attractive to the users under specified conditions.

Usability or user experience evaluation is extremely important in terms of the quality and operational feasibility of a product. EffectiveSoft has user experience specialists who can help you assess usability of your software and give a recommendation on how to make it more user-friendly.

Mobile applications testing

The process of mobile apps testing is basically the same as for web and stand-alone applications. Nonetheless, there are some peculiarities to be considered when selecting techniques and tools for testing a mobile app.

One of the most difficult aspects of mobile app testing is device fragmentation. There are also a number of external factors that might affect the behavior of the developed app: phone calls and other interruptions, SD card Interactions, network connections, low battery, etc.

Types of testing


QA Case Studies

Quality Assurance of Chemical Management System

Expertise area:Quality Assurance
Industry domain: Chemical Industry

The customer, one of the largest suppliers of solutions for MSDS management and risk assessments, turned to the EffectiveSoft QA Lab with the request to evaluate the quality of the existing Chemical Management System, which was developed by another offshore company.

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Precise TPMS: QA Services

Expertise area:Quality Assurance
Industry domain: Government, Professional Services

The customer, a leading distributor of software solutions for business process monitoring, turned to EffectiveSoft with the request to test TPMS in terms of functionality, localization, installation and system removal across a number of browsers, operating systems and servers.

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Flash PDF

Expertise area:Quality Assurance
Industry domain: Cold chain management and Temperature control

Before turning to EffectiveSoft the customer already had the application (Flash PDF) developed by another Software Company. What was required from EffectiveSoft is QA services and bug fixing. Along with the request, the customer provided detailed functional specification and device manuals.

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