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Quality assurance for VoIP Peering system

Our QA team ensured stable work of a cloud-based communication PaaS solution and sped up the time to market of new features and product changes.

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a global provider of innovative real-time cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions to retail and wholesale voice communication services companies.

    One of the client’s successful products is the VoIP Peering system that ensures forwarding calls from one Internet service telephony provider (ISTP) to another using purely Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

    Due to the increasing diversity of telecommunication carriers and service level agreements, frequently changing rates, and other market factors, the VoIP Peering system required constant updates and enhancements. All the changes to PaaS functionality involved comprehensive quality assurance (QA) and the company opted for outsourcing QA services to reduce development overheads.

    The company approached EffectiveSoft to implement a full-cycle software testing process from creating test cases to automated testing.


    The client’s VoIP Peering solution is a web-based platform that provides complete carrier, routing, and billing management for operators and communications service providers.

    In one single environment, the system can do the following:

    • consolidate the operational capabilities of third-party hardware,
    • display real-time data,
    • offer full network service monitoring and reporting,
    • incorporate automated management of routing planning and rate change,
    • ensure secure and reliable data transmission.

    Our team assured quality at all project stages and created and maintained over 1,500 test cases. The testing scenarios were based on system functional specifications, design requirements, and VoIP Peering user guides. The VersionOne agile management tool was used to store and track test cases, test reports, and testing stories with related comments and requests.

    The EffectiveSoft QA team performed manual smoke, functional, sanity, and regression testing. To focus on checking the new features and fixed issues, we automated regression testing. QA engineers could schedule the automated tests to run at any time and get comprehensive reports on them.

    A SpecFlow-based environment enhanced the project ecosystem, allowing for effective collaboration between manual testers, business analysts, and automation engineers.

    Our testing expertise help you identify quality goals, then we carefully study them and determine the set of steps to improve the quality of software so that it fits perfectly with your original business goals.


    During our collaboration with the client, the EffectiveSoft engineers participated in 12 product releases, enhancing the product, saving time, and bringing down the development cost. Our team improved test coverage, scalability, and overall quality of the project, acting as a reliable QA partner throughout over 9 years of the project life.

    Tech stack

    • Technologies and tools

      • Visual Studio 2013
      • Selenium WebDriver (for C#, .NET)
      • MStest
      • SpecFlow
      • CSS
      • OpenPop.NET
      • iTextSharp
      • SMTP
      • VersionOne
    • Databases

      • MS SQL Server
      • MonetDB

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