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Immersive strategy game for VR

Implementation of VR tower defense strategy for a tailored gaming experience.

    Client and challenge

    Our client, a leading game development studio, wanted to create a groundbreaking tower defense strategy game designed exclusively for virtual reality (VR). The project aimed to provide players with an unparalleled immersive experience by combining strategic planning and first-person gameplay. The main challenges were developing an intuitive interface for building defenses and selecting abilities, designing engaging level challenges and enemy waves, and ensuring a well-balanced difficulty curve while optimizing the game for VR. Our team was brought on board to complete the mission.

    • Country


    • Client

      Game development studio

    • Service

      VR implementation

    • Outsourcing model

    • Domain


    • Technology

      Unreal Engine 4


    To bring the idea to life, our developers collaborated closely with the client’s team. We capitalized on the full potential of Unreal Engine 4 and its extensive blueprint system to create a seamless and immersive VR experience. Our team designed and implemented a user-friendly interface that allowed players to effortlessly assemble their defenses from a bird’s-eye view, transitioning to first-person combat. With blueprints, we created interactive assets and optimized the game’s performance for Steam VR.

    Furthermore, our designers crafted challenging levels and enemy waves that progressively tested players’ strategic skills. We carefully balanced the game’s difficulty curve, ensuring that players remained engaged and rewarded throughout their journey. Our developers also fine-tuned the weapons and abilities to provide satisfying and impactful gameplay.

    We equip our clients with a full range of services from data processing and visualization to machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics.


    The collaboration between our team and the client resulted in the successful launch of an immersive VR solution that seamlessly blends strategy and combat, providing players with a captivating experience.

    Tech stack

    • Programming language

      • Unreal Engine 4

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