Money Transfer Management System

Money Transfer Management System is a web-based solution that offers remittance payment services throughout the UK and many West African countries.

Project Background


The customer is a small but growing money transfer company that offers the most competitive and reliable remittance payment services to the general public around the world. The system developed by another software development service provider was characterized by a poor architecture logic and lack of using object-oriented programming (OOP). With the expansion of the system functionality, it sooner became hard to implement any modifications. Thus, the customer could not provide a good service continuously.

Solutions highlights

To help the customer streamline their remittance services and improve the customer service, out team accomplished the following tasks by delivering a highly scalable, maintainable and secure system in the end:

What we did

The system supports the following access levels:

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Project utilizes

Total project development time

15 man-months

Lines of code (affected)



PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Technologies & Tools

Smarty (a web template system), ZendFramework, PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR), AJAX, SOAP, MySQL Server

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