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TOP-7 IT Companies Offering E-learning App Development

E-learning is a great modern tool that can produce visible results by cutting down expenditures and enhancing performance. Unlike a classroom session, online education is available for different people in different countries. They get new opportunities for learning and advanced training despite their income level and basic knowledge.
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TOP-7 e-learning IT companies

    At the moment, the Internet offers a wide range of web platforms for e-learning, including online universities. This diversity may wrong-foot you, so it’s vital to decide on the IT company that would suggest new knowledge and fresh software solutions to put the learning process in order allowing you/your students/employees to study and train in real-time at any place.

    To assist in searching for a suitable variant, taking into account your goals, needs, and scope of activities we have made up the top 7 list of IT companies that develop the best e-learning apps. Just check it right now.


    The American multinational technology and consulting corporation, the IT world giant, offers breakthrough learning tools, high-quality software, and best practice models.

    Asking for IBM help you can expect getting solutions for effective learning programs, online learning strategies, and content management technologies.

    Adobe Systems

    Adobe provides digital media tools to help online learners. The company takes Adobe’s leading-edge desktop apps for web, design, video, and photography and extends them to mobile devices, thanks to which students can work wherever inspiration comes.

    Furthermore, the company connected the Creative Cloud desktop with mobile apps, that’s why users can start a project on one device and complete it on another, sharing creative ideas with Cloud members.

    Adobe Systems strives for improving online learning within university campuses, providing solutions for online learning content and online meetings.


    EffectiveSoft Company boasts vast expertise in e-learning software development. You can ask its smart developers to create a learning plug-in for your online platform to sort students into groups according to their skills and allow them to chat and comment on articles.

    EffectiveSoft is also ready to design childcare platforms, interactive multimedia training systems for employees, e-learning, and e-training solutions for mastering educational and training skills.

    The company entices even sports e-learners, providing different kinds of coaching systems that guarantee to make records on current activities, creating groups of coaches/athletes, uploading and sharing coaching videos, etc.


    Another multinational software corporation, this time a German one, provides e-learning solutions in a wide variety of areas, giving easier access to training materials.

    Its unique Learning Solution comprises a Learning Portal with suitable courses and a catalog (virtual classroom training, web-based training, online tests, and curricula), Training Management (planning and creating the course catalog), and Authoring Environment (managing the course content).


    Headquartered in the USA, Oxagile is experienced in e-learning app development for schools and other educational institutions.

    To cite an example, the company deals with apps via which students have a possibility to pass foreign language courses online having access to audio and video materials, completing various tasks, and being grabbed by teachers.


    Skillsoft is the global leader in e-learning app development. The company’s platform, Skillport, shares relevant e-learning experience, providing learning modalities to match individual learning styles, giving recommendations, a thorough search and discovery, allowing to connect learners within an organization or an institution. Skillsoft solutions are notable for clean UX design and fast access to any device.


    The company enjoys 1 million learners on its online platform. Apart from exceptional content, personalized learning pathways, confidence levels, curriculum tools, full multimedia support, and other features, BenchPrep students relish social conversations and a game center.


    To conclude, IT e-learning apps can produce spectacular results and organize the learning process right, but it’s really essential to understand the services of which company will be suitable exactly for your company or learning institution.

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