Top 5 Benefits Of Telehealth That Patients Will Enjoy

Today, over half of all the hospitals in the United States use some form of telemedicine (or telehealth). It allows patients to manage their health conditions remotely. Moreover, telemedicine provides a wide range of other services, including video online consultations, the possibility of sharing X-ray and test results, and managing patients with chronic conditions.
  • 4 years ago
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With the rise of custom healthcare software development, the number of solutions that significantly simplify doctor-patient interactions has increased. Among the most convenient means of communication is telecommunication technologies used for the exchange of medical information, or, to put it simply, telemedicine. In this article, we are going to reveal the top 5 benefits of telehealth for patients.

What are the advantages of telehealth for patients?

Advantages of telehealth for patients

Advantages of telehealth for patients

Remote consultations. The major reason why telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular is the possibility of getting medical advice in any place and at any time. Being on vacation or on a business trip is not the reason to limit oneself to medical care, which is especially important for patients with chronic conditions.

Access to more specialists. Living in a small town or in the country you may have no medical facility in the neighborhood or limited access to specialists. With telemedicine, patients suffering from a rare or chronic condition may consult their doctors regularly without driving long distances. Telemedicine allows expanding the number of available specialists: patients choose the best doctor, not the closest.

Quick appointment scheduling. It is sometimes problematic to schedule an appointment on the phone. You have to contact a healthcare provider, find a suitable appointment time, double-check that the provider accepts your insurance, etc. All this may be very time-consuming in case of last-minute appointments or emergency situations. Telemedicine, on the contrary, provides access to specialists as quickly as possible.

No time expenses. One of the most important benefits of telehealth services is efficient scheduling that saves much of your time. There is no need anymore to take a day off work to visit a doctor.

Reduced expenses. It is no secret that medical help is expensive. In addition to paying for insurance and medications, fees for visits to the doctor, patients have to pay for transport, parking, a babysitter for their children, etc. Telemedicine can save much money, which is especially beneficial for patients that live in small towns and in the country and look for medical help in other cities.


Telemedicine has proved to be more patient-oriented, effective, and convenient. Mobile healthcare app development and Internet access will let patients take care of their own health and receive immediate care whenever they need it.