The Rates for IT services in Eastern Europe

As a large outsourcing company, we constantly monitor the prices for IT services in different countries. We conduct our own research and collect information when we are turned to with the requests for sub-outsourcing. Each vendor determines for itself the meaning of competitive price.
  • 5 years ago
  • 1 min read

In general, the results of our research and monitoring fall within the objective global trends.

The rates for IT serives grow. The demand for custom software development services is steadily increasing year by year, resulting in higher rate growth. In contrast to the year 2000 (dotcom collapse), prices, repressed by competition on the global market, grow slower.

Indian developers are still continuing to prevail on the market. Today the market share of Indian developers is not quite so large as it was 5-7 years ago. But they are still setting the lowest bar of prices. Few European vendors can offer competitive prices in comparison to companies based in India. However, it is through them the lower end of prices is held at the level of $20-25.

Competence costs a lot. The rates of highly qualified experts are not included in our chart. The prices for cloud expertise and natural language technologies differ from standard prices several times.

IT incubators keep prices low. National incubators (HTP-Belarus, Skolkovo Innovation Center (Russia), Czech Technology Park, etc.) create an enabling environment for work, let companies work at lower rates. It sets the pace for a modest increase in prices for IT services in many ways.