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Software testing is an integral part of the whole development process, from review and testing of technical documentation to user acceptance testing and support.
Offshore QA Lab

We suggest that our customer create an offshore team of quality assurance engineers, supplied with all necessary equipment, hardware, and software. Your own QA team will consist of experienced personnel, who will be interviewed and selected by you

Why you need an Offshore QA Lab

EffectiveSoft customers make use of our offshore QA services when:

  • an independent audit of the software development services of the present offshore service provider is required
  • technical support (including its cost) of a completed project becomes a challenge
  • product quality enhancements are needed to increase overall business profitability
  • an onsite/nearshore software development process requires a dedicated offshore QA team
  • access to a unique experience, specific testing platforms, and software licenses becomes one of the major customer's goals
  • there are some other customer-specific needs
Key benefits

When working with our Offshore QA Lab, you are offered to gain the following benefits:



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Customer-oriented solutions

Every project has its specifics that should be taken into consideration when selecting a testing approach and a process. Quality processes can be very different for mission-critical software and, for example, an online game. So, we can help you define the minimal required set of activities to make your product meet its quality criteria within budget and on time.

We have a successful experience of applying exploratory and ad-hoc testing. These approaches to testing allow creating tests during test execution. Testing performed using these technologies is risk-oriented. It allows bringing a quality product to the market earlier, as opposed to the traditional models requiring complete up-front test design.

If you do not have some of the required prerequisites, such as product requirements, our engineers can help you. Our experts analyze your idea comprehensively, taking into consideration all the security, performance, and functionality parameters. They can also derive them from the best exemplars of the existing systems and use cases, or collect them from different information sources, in order to project the optimal IT solution. We help transform customer's ideas about the desired application into technically practicable software requirements.

For the Agile adopters we offer skilled testers having experience with lightweight processes. They know how to build effective communication so that testing needs are considered as early as possible, and not when it's too late to resolve any project difficulties.

We know how to build the process that perfectly meets the project needs.

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Usability assessment

Usability testing is conducted in order to determine the extent to which the software product is understood, easy to learn, easy to operate and attractive to the users under specified conditions [after ISO 9126].

Usability or user experience evaluation is extremely important in terms of the quality and operational feasibility of a product. The number of systems with similar functionality increases day by day. Only those providing the optimum productivity and user interface stay up to the mark. Usability is one of the essential parameters of a system for end users.

EffectiveSoft has user experience specialists who can help you assess usability of your software and give a recommendation on how to make it more user-friendly.

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Web applications testing

Modern web applications are complex and interactive programs with sophisticated GUIs. Web applications are much more complicated than simple web pages because the former consist of front-end graphical user interfaces, that users see, and back-end software components. Web applications quality is a complex concept which includes usability, functionality, reliability, efficiency, maintainability and security.

EffectiveSoft has extensive experience in the development and testing of complex web applications.

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Mobile applications testing

The process of mobile apps testing is basically the same as for web and stand-alone applications. Nonetheless, there are some peculiarities to be considered when selecting techniques and tools for testing a mobile app.

One of the most difficult aspects of mobile app testing is device fragmentation. A developed app can run on a variety of mobile devices, and a web site can be viewed in different mobile browsers. The right decision about which devices to use for testing reduces the risk that the mobile app might not work on a certain device, locking out a number of potential customers.

To ensure that a mobile app meets users' needs and that its design is based on supported standards and content types associated with a mobile device and an OS, the app is to be tested on adherence to platform-specific guidelines.

There are a number of external factors (e.g., Phone Calls and Other Interruptions, SD Card Interactions, Network Connections, Low Battery) that might affect the behavior of the developed app no matter how smart and user-friendly it is. It's important to test how the app reacts to those factors and what exactly can cause its failed/wrong functioning.

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Code inspection and review

Code review is one of the most effective defect removal activities. There's no need to build the software or test it before the code review starts revealing the issues. Just looking at the code, keeping some code quality standards, typical mistakes or patterns in mind, it is possible to disclose many issues, including those hard to detect using other methods. Finding critical and hardly detectable issues early helps save efforts and resources, and avoid a damaged reputation and a decline in sales.

In order to be effective, code review should be conducted by skilled developers. EffectiveSoft has such "gurus" at hand. They may evaluate the level of quality of your code and provide recommendations on how to improve it.

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Testing process outlines

Test design

Test execution

Defect tracking

Result reporting and QA Metrics

Review of documentation

Types of testing


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