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RIA Development

EffectiveSoft Company successfully applies cutting edge technologies in RIAs development (Rich Internet Applications), our software company specializes in rich internet applications development using the power of Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX, Java FX, Adobe Flex / Flash and AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) technologies to deliver successful and profitable web 2.0 solutions to our customers.

RIA Development Services By EffectiveSoft:

Rich Internet Applications by EffectiveSoft are solutions with rich visual and audio interface, high performance, and interactive features.

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Why Choose RIA applications by EffectiveSoft:

EffectiveSoft offers competitive advantages to customers who order Rich Internet Applications development:

Some words about RIAs:

Rich Internet Applications are known as web applications with improved functionality of desktop applications. As other desktop applications, RIA interact with the user by client-side engine, but they have richer functionality and more responsive and efficient data performance. Due to such development technologies as Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flex, Flash and others, it is possible to create Rich Internet Applications with cross-browser support and multimedia functionality.