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Music Right Owners System

Music Right Owners system is a smart client application designed for automation of the database management. The main purpose of the system is to collect reports on recent public performances from dispersed music distributors, validate reported data and pay back royalties to music contributors.

Project Background

The customer is a non-profit organization that administers the performing right in music industry on behalf of copyright music owners and on behalf of affiliated international societies. It is also one of the prominent sponsors and music licensors and promoters in Europe.

For a better management of data incoming from distributors and royalties going out to contributors, the customer needed a flexible workflow automation solution. The main requirements were availability of powerful tools for database information management, connection to external sources to reliably receive data and store it in a variety of formats, recognition of formats and accurate data validation. Security, scalability and high performance were all vital factors.

To meet the customer's requirements, the EffectiveSoft team applied the latest software development practices and technologies, such as:cloud_computing_04

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Solution Highlights

The distributors are broadcasters, venues, pubs, hotels and other businesses who are legally and contractually obliged to inform a music rights organization (our customer) about all musical compositions used.

The contributors are artists and music copyright holders (songwriters, composers, publishers, etc.) who are paid fees for the work publicly performed based on a number of parameters related to the performance activity, record sales, and some others.

Key technical characteristics of the system:

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Project utilizes

Project workload

More than 25 000 man-hours

Lines of code

260 000

Technologies and Tools

.NET 2.0, WinForms, Enterprise Library, Smart Client, Composite UI application block, Biztalk Server 2006, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Integration Services, Reporting Services, SharePoint Services