Application Development on Nokia Maemo OS

EffectiveSoft provides custom applications development services on innovative Maemo OS created by Nokia. We focus on services with the power of the Maemo SDK, starting form a simple prototype to a complete application. Software engineers have acquired Maemo Linux-based development environment and technologies (GTK+/GNOME), supported by Maemo platform for features rich custom solutions development.

The Maemo OS or so-called Internet Tablet OS is expected to become an advanced platform for business solutions and multimedia applications.

The scope of Maemo OS

Software development on Maemo OS

In EffectiveSoft software company mature software development services on the Maemo OS or for the Internet Tablet are provided with such programming languages as Ruby, Python, Java and C using the Maemo SDK. To meet customers' needs, dedicated team of software experts in EffectiveSoft finds the best possible way of implementing cross-platform Maemo applications.

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What is Maemo OS?

Maemo is an operating system or development platform for Linux-based devices, developed by Nokia and based on mostly open source code and open source components. The Maemo OS is developed for Nokia Internet Tablets and it is used for handheld computers or mobile devices like Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. Formerly, Maemo was named "Internet Tablet OS". It is based on Debian GNU/Linux, and has much in common with GNOME project. Currently, such devices as Nokia 770, the Nokia N800, and the Nokia N810 already run Maemo platform.

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