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Python in Web Development

In 1991, a Dutch programmer Guido Van Rossum created a new open-source programming language – Python.
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Python app development frameworks

    Python has an interpreter that allows executing the program directly and implementing software seamlessly on any platform. This language boasts faster scalability and better integration. It has become one of the most flexible programming languages for the development of websites and web applications.

    Python is rather easy to learn and use, and it demands fewer commands to carry out its functions. As a result, you get your work done in less time. In this article, we will find out why Python is good for web development and what its main frameworks are.

    Why Python web development services?

    Python was originally developed to create the server-side (or backend) part of the website. But with such libraries as Django, Python can be used for both back- and front-end development.

    Python in software development

    Python in software development

    At first, Python was a general-purpose programming language. But then, with the rise of its popularity, it gained CMS functionality and began to develop towards mission-critical backend operations.

    Python web application development is widely used due to its simple and straightforward syntax (which is also an advantage for building complex systems). The Python syntax allows making fewer mistakes and developing better, more maintainable and more readable code. That is why Python development outsourcing is popular today.

    Python frameworks

    To create a website, software developers need a set of components: user authentication, dashboards, forms, file uploading tools, etc. Fortunately, web developers faced similar problems, so they teamed up and created frameworks that offer ready-made templates.

    The use of specialized Python frameworks helps to solve standard tasks more efficiently. To build Python-based websites and web apps, developers make use of such web frameworks as Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle, and more, as well as protocols and APIs (HTTP, JSON-RPC, Protocol Buffers, gRPC).


    One of these frameworks – Django – is a powerful software framework suitable for the development of complex websites and web applications with extensive backend and frontend. Django is a high-level web framework that allows developing secure, scalable, and maintainable web solutions. It is used by Instagram, Pinterest, Coursera, and other services.

    Flask, Pyramid, and Bottle

    These are Python micro-frameworks for website development. Flask, Pyramid, and Bottle are lightweight, flexible, and share the following common features: synchronous request processing and support, static file routing support, WSG compliance, documentation with good examples and tutorials, no specific coding style or architecture, basic or no ORM, and no need for a specific template engine.


    Tornado is a Python web framework and an asynchronous network library at the same time. It has no extra features and is used for more challenging tasks than Flask, Pyramid, or Bottle. It uses a non-blocking network I/O and solves the C10k problem (which means it can handle 10,000+ concurrent connections if configured correctly). The main advantages are built-in user authentication support, real-time services, high-quality performance, non-blocking HTTP client implementation of third-party authentication and authorization schemes, support for translations and localizations.


    Python is as powerful for web development as Java and Node.js for asynchronous processing and backend functionality. Therefore, applying Python is more beneficial in terms of development and ownership costs. It has quite a short learning curve, being an excellent example of the language from which you can begin your immersion in programming. Also, it is a flexible platform for web development. Python can be a great fit for projects where performance and ease of scalability are critical. Moreover, it acts as a great tool for advanced data analysis to support AI implementation.

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