Interview with Derek Schneider, Head of U.S. Sales - EffectiveSoft
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Interview with Derek Schneider, Head of U.S. Sales

Derek Schneider has joined EffectiveSoft as our first Head of Sales for the Americas. Let's talk with Derek about his professional background, his vision of how to build long-lasting partnerships with clients, and what sets EffectiveSoft apart among hundreds of competitors.
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    What attracted you to EffectiveSoft?

    Learning about the new leadership team and how the company was expanding the business footprint in the U.S. and Latin America was a big draw. In addition, EffectiveSoft’s ability to provide services and business resources to help companies achieve their objectives is crucial in today’s world. There is a lot of character and passion behind the team that makes it possible to address many challenges and reach success.

    Tell us about your background in sales.

    I’ve held many roles, from account executive to director of sales and now head of sales. I’ve worked with great companies and people, as well as many diverse clients, and have had the chance to partner with and sell to top-25 global companies as well as small business owners who are trying to make an impact on their end users and clients. My career has seen challenges and many hours of hard work, but I was able to build long-lasting relationships with people along the way. I’ve had many colleagues and personal connections that have helped me develop my business acumen, allowing me to bring clients to new heights.

    The software development market is very competitive. Among hundreds of competitors, what sets EffectiveSoft apart?

    I believe that the people at EffectiveSoft are reliable, passionate, and strive to make a difference. They push one another and never settle for being average. There is a lot of compassion and leadership internally at EffectiveSoft that will change the way our clients and partners view us, trust us, and work with us!

    What is the best way to develop long-lasting partnerships with clients?

    This is a developing process, but setting expectations, communicating, and aligning growth on both sides is important. Making sure we (EffectiveSoft and the client) both feel that the partnership is a good fit and ensuring that the clients should have tremendous feedback and feel that they are heard all the time through every step to the desired outcome.

    There is an opinion that it is easier to sell a product than a service. Do you agree?

    That question depends on the market, clients, and industries, but, for the most part, it is the services that will outperform the products. Our stance is developing a client journey that is agile so that we can meet the needs of our clients efficiently.

    Is there anything about selling in the US market that differs from the rest of the world?

    There are some services, ideas, mindsets, metrics, business drivers, and resources that differ from the U.S. market to a global position. Both bring unique perspectives, but what really matters is the client engagement, experiences, and relationships forged through transparent, honest communication and a position of trust and good alignment with everyone involved.

    What does an ideal client for EffectiveSoft look like?

    An ideal client understands who we are and what we can provide with our unique strengths. They’re able to rely on us as a business but can also trust us on a personal level so that we can grow together. They know that we work with their best interests at heart so that we can empower the relationship holistically.

    What technology trends do you consider as the most promising?

    Technology is always improving and changing, but we are focused on applying data, AI, and custom agile solutions to achieve growth. As we learn from experience and the industry, we will adapt to make sure we can deliver effectively to our clients.

    What are you passionate about professionally and personally?

    My passions are simple and full of challenges. Personally, I love being with family. I also enjoy going to the gym, working out, and improving my mind and body. I do volunteer work to help first responders and members of our military services, and coach Baseball at the high school and collegiate levels.

    Professionally, I love to connect with people and be a difference maker. I like to connect through integrity, humility, and laughter.

    In the end, I love to make people laugh, be a great source of energy, and be a little kid at heart!

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