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Business Intelligence Services and Solutions for Business

EffectiveSoft is a business intelligence services provider that specializes in business software development and creates both large enterprise business software and small bespoke software applications for custom needs. We use Microsoft .Net, C++, PHP, C#, Java, Flex, Delphi, Linux/Unix, and other technologies, programming languages and platforms to create high performance applications. Our software experts deliver business software solutions that feature cutting-edge functionality and high efficiency.

Services provided by EffectiveSoft include enterprise software development and small bespoke applications development. Our enterprise application software (EAS) can meet business requirements of large companies and organizations.

We offer business intelligence services and enterprise business software solutions:

If you are looking for a small business solution, and there is no off-the-shelf software that can meet your requirements, EffectiveSoft specialists can solve your problems by developing a bespoke solution. They will take a deep look into your business needs to create bespoke software that will be targeted to specific needs of the business and will help you to achieve the business objectives.

We offer the following small business solutions:

  • Resource management and product management systems
  • Workshop management systems
  • Web and desktop business software
  • Job management software and other solutions
  • HRM and CRM software
  • Mobile software applications
  • Financial solutions

Our expertise is not limited to the customization of software, we have many years of experience in small business software development. We understand how small business solutions are important for optimizing routes and managing personnel records and other vital information. So, the creation of flexible, efficient and reliable software is our priority.

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Benefits for customers

Sometimes a ready-made solution fails to satisfy customer needs. We take an individual approach to each client. Some IT vendors suggest their customers to customize MS Exchange Outlook or SharePoint Services, but the customization of such solutions is a compelling task. EffectiveSoft experts believe that small business applications can be a perfect choice for fulfilling specific business tasks.