Support of Unix/Linux Systems

EffectiveSoft renders services of *nix projects maintenance. Our system administrators will help you:

Technological Expertise

Our company provides *nix systems design and maintenance with the help of such technologies as:

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Our Services

EffectiveSoft delivers the full range of IT services for *nix systems, including but not limited to:

 We can provide installation from scratch, fine adjustment of the system (including Debian, CentOS, RHEL, FreeBSD, Gentoo), monitoring and support of customer's servers. In the framework of our closed loop development model our company can carry out not only full-cycle development but also the continuous evolution of the *nix system.


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Customer Advantages

Technology Overview

*nix or Unix-like operating systems are the ones, similar to a Unix system, but not necessarily conforming to it. There are as well some non-Unix-like systems yet providing Unix-like compatibility layer and having some Unix-like functionality.

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