HP WebOS Goes Open Source and EffectiveSoft Welcomes this Announcement


EffectiveSoft developers are excited by the WebOS news: HP announced that WebOS and Enyo application framework are now open source. EffectiveSoft possesses solid experience in the application development across WebOS and believes that WebOS remains a cloud-connected and scalable platform with a variety of possibilities for the mobile development team. HP’s CEO Meg Whitman claimed HP may eventually release new hardware, running WebOS by 2013. EffectiveSoft is very enthusiastic about its future trends.

EffectiveSoft mobile developers have already created many WebOS-based software applications. With open-source WebOS, we expect the development of new and more advanced mobile applications for different domains.

According to the official press-release, HP plans to participate in the development and support of WebOS for the sake of its usability and functionality. This unleashes the creativity of EffectiveSoft mobile developers to design interesting solutions leveraging open source code of this platform.

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