EffectiveSoft is a member of National Outsourcing Association.

National Outsourcing Association

In February this year, EffectiveSoft and some other Belarusian IT companies joined National Outsourcing Association (NOA). The membership within NOA brings a number of benefits for the service providers, such as extension of network meetings and contacts, participation in tenders, and informational support. For EffectiveSoft, this is a premium opportunity to consolidate its position in the UK market along with Western companies on equal terms.

The NOA is the UK’s only outsourcing trade association. Advocating best practice, the NOA represents outsourcing clients, vendors and other companies which support outsourcing, such as legal firms, consultancies and HR. The NOA is involved in research, events, education and public affairs. The vast quantity information that the NOA has collected is referred to as BOOK (the Body Of Outsourcing Knowledge).

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