New Case in Our Design Portfolio

We are happy to inform that a new case has been added to our UI/UX portfolio.

The customer, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), addressed EffectiveSoft to get assistance in redesigning of an educational mobile app for schools, teachers, students and parents from Indiana (the U.S).

The mobile app was developed to open a new pathway for communication between administrators, educators and parents. It arranges important information, data and resources in an easy to use format from any mobile device.

Making use of APIs, the app gives educators access to real-time data pertaining to classes and students they teach. It also enables parents to view real-time school data pertaining to each child enrolled in the school.

This app has a number of other important features, such as targeted messaging, notifications, events (calendars), news, etc.

IDOE was dissatisfied with the interface design the app had and we were asked to create a new prototype of the interface.

New Case in Our Design Portfolio

You can find the prototype here

September 28, 2016

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