EffectiveSoft unveils Intellexer SDK 4.4: unique semantic platform for software development

Intellexer SDK 4.4EffectiveSoft rolls out an updated version of Intellexer SDK 4.4 with brand new features and enhancements in such modules as Intellexer SDK, Summarizer SDK, Categorizer SDK and Language Recognizer SDK.
Recently released Intellexer SDK 4.4 preserves all benefits of previous versions and includes more changes and additions.

What's new in Intellexer SDK 4.4:

In Summarizer SDK were added more features:

Language Recognizer SDK contains an addition:

In Categorizer SDK:

Our customers will have an opportunity to update 4x versions of Intellexer SDK to Intellexer SDK 4.4 for free, but the update from 3x versions to Intellexer SDK 4.4 is offered at special price.
Contact us for more information about Intellexer SDK and visit our official website http://www.intellexer.com/

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